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Mineral Makeup & Flashback

    I often hear, most especially from my fellow pro makeup artist that makeup with any spf, but specifically Silica, Mica, Titanium Dioxide ( Tio2) and Zinc Oxide ( ZO), will absolutely cause flashback in photography. I have heard, more than once, that the combo of Zinc and Titanium dioxide will always cause flashback. […]

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Erase your Makeup

  Makeup Eraser: I was pretty skeptical that this would actually work. DESPITE many of my pro makeup community raving about the results, ( I usually trust my fellow pros when they claim something is amazing, it usually is) BUT….I figured, sure it will remove makeup, but will my face actually FEEL clean. Your probably […]

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Figid winter temps and your skin!

Protect your skin from Winter Weather!

Just as we thought it might be over, winter weather rears its head. In winter, many of us need to switch gears, AND our skincare routine. With the Northeast having had some unseasonably warm days I hadn’t needed to switch anything up, BUT with frigid temps happening again, you can kind of see how my […]

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Summer Skin!

Essentials for Summer

I am asked all the time for my recommendations for products. Honestly, there are a million and one products out there that are wonderful. BUT, that doesn’t mean they are wonderful to you! It really does come down to some trial and error on your part. I learned, over the years dealing with my very […]

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Advice to an Aspiring Makeup Artist

repost/update from a previous blogpost from 2013.                 I decided to update and repost this, since I am continually asked by aspiring, and new Mua’s, ( stands for makeup artists) about assisting, teaching classes, and mentoring. I updated several of the artists who inspire me, and of course added […]

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Can Makeup Cover Scars?

This week’s post is a Reader Q & A from Amie ( love her name spelling) Typically, with a scar, we’re dealing with 2 issues that makeup may help with. The first is color, which makeup can absolutely help cover. If the scar has discoloration, like redness, bruising, or, if it’s whiter, or lighter, than […]

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Don't be like Mimi

Everyday Makeup Mistakes

Everyday Makeup Mistakes Series Ok, So as a professional makeup artist, clearly it is necessary that I Have SOME amount of skill at applying makeup. That, and some great training, as well as, hopefully a great eye for color theory, as well as texture, shape etc. A lot more goes into it than many people […]

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Reader Q & A- Silicones

So we had another Reader Q & A this time on our post about Silicones. You can read it here. I gave a small bit of advice on hiding pores, and silica and silicones, (derived from silica) are just one excellent ingredient that can help in this process. Our Reader asked: “Can you specifically name […]

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Do you Match Your Makeup to Your Clothes?

From our reader Q & A Series Do you match your makeup to your clothes? I never like to match my eyeshadow color to my other clothing- such as, if  I am wearing a purple top, I avoid plum or purple shades on my eyes. I am never a fan of matchy match in makeup. […]

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I used NO contour on her face for this shoot, just a bit of strategic highlighting.

What is with this Shading (Contouring) thing?

  Another from our Q& A Series, this one from FFM FB page. Our commenter Tracy, asked, (on our last blog post, which you can see here):  “What is with this new shading thing? All this really heavy makeup on the face to contour… is it just for the camera? It’s all so confusing..” GREAT Question […]

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