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I’m Tired of Makeup!

I know it goes against everything that owning your own makeup company stands for- or at least seems to- But I am kind of tired of wearing makeup!
As I have gotten a bit busier- as this time of year ALWAYS does for me, I find that doing a full face of prefect makeup falls a bit lower on the priority list.
Friends stopping by may find me bare faced *shudder* Not my best look.
Ok, and when going out I AM going to be wearing some makeup- at least to even my skin and not look, well dead, really.  To that end my bare minimum looks like this-
Medium Dark warm Medium Dark Warm Foundation
Which I Apply with a buffing brush sprayed with a little bit of our Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating and Setting mist- this makes the makeup go on so quickly, and smoothing all while adding moisture to the skin and giving a more hydrated finish.
Image 13829 Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating & Setting Mist
Next, now that I have removed all the discoloration from my skin, I REALLY need to add just a bit of warmth back to my face. My current choice- simply for complete ease of use, is my Sheer Warmer. This little genius is actually one of my setting powders- but kind of works like blush on training wheels. This can be dusted all over for just a hint of warming to the skin- and you can actually do multiple light layers without build up, or excessive color- and it just gives a superb oompf to the skin.
Sheer WarmerSheer Warmer
That’s it- that has really been my routine. On a good day I may fill my brow and add a flick of mascara and gloss- but seriously I have been rocking the casual- and I have to say I really Like it!

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