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A Makeup Artist’s Top 3 Must Have products!

There may be those who disagree, but in my 15 years as a makeup artist these are the top 3 cosmetics products I find myself absolutely needing for every face in my chair, whether a model, a bride, a private client in for a lesson; and this is regardless of woman OR man!

Mind you these are MAKEUP products not skin care, I am, after all, a makeup artist, not an esthetician. And while I do know a lot about skin care, I much prefer makeup. I am going to assume that you all have a great skincare regimen that suits your skin’s personal needs, and if you do not, then I ALWAYS recommend you see a great esthetician- because they are worth their weight in gold!
That being said my list as follows and why:
Number one a great foundation:
enough cannot be said about this, but it is also the number one area where people can easily make a mistake. Look for a formula that suits your skin.  If you are dry, something creamy, or silicone based if a liquid. If you are oily, then perhaps powder foundation or an oil free liquid, even cream to powder formulas can work well with oily skin. Normal skin types can choose among all types.
You also need to determine your coverage level,  sheer, medium, full (basically how much on your skin needs to be evened out?)

This is a case of, you are going to have to try out several until you find what works best for you.
You also NEED this to match your skin 100% I know I am a broken record on this topic. I will stop the day I never again see makeup ring around the neckline on all of you walking around out there.
A correcting concealer:
Wait, what? I have heard of concealer, but what’s a correcting concealer?
Ok we all know concealer is meant to give extra coverage, and is usually pretty much a shade or two near your own skin tone. These are certainly useful, and I own many, but more and more I reach instead for a correcting concealer this offers more concentrated pigmentation but also uses color theory to COUNTER color an area  of deeper pigmentation, like age spots, blemishes, even birth marks and of course those dark under eye circles. Based upon the color you are trying to hide, that determines the correcting concealer that goes over it.  ie blue circles= peachy/orange correcting concealer. For red, so many say green, but green can be a challenging shade to works with even as a pro and not have it go ashy; so instead I much prefer a fleshy yellow. And Pinky/Salmon is amazing for brown/black age spots.

What I find is, if you have made the correct foundation choice in shade, coverage style and skin type, you have already done most of the work already in covering what needs to be covered. Any discoloration left will require much less product , and therefore look more natural using a corrector.
Matte Bronzer: Once you have used foundation to even your skin tone,  and a corrector to neutralize any further discoloration, you have a blank canvas.

This is ideal, and the POINT of using both foundation and concealer, but too often I get the “I look so pale!” lament. My response? “Hold on, I’m not done. Now we have to put color BACK into the skin in the RIGHT areas.”

A subtle matte bronzer can quickly warm up the skin and add a healthy pop of rich color that just adds a glow of health to the skin. Again finding the correct color from golden bronze, to red bronze, to a deep rich brick shade, all dependant upon the depth of your own skin tone.
Simple easy three steps perfect for any gal, or guy, and three steps that are just so valuable to me, and I find myself teaching these over, and over again.

As always I LOVE Questions- so feel free to comment or question here!



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