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About Fortunate Face Minerals

While working as a professional makeup artist, I began looking for a more natural line of cosmetics to add to my kit because more, and more women were asking. Specifically, about mineral based makeup. I knew that it absolutely needed to create a flawless finish, but still work in person and in a professional medium like photography and film.
After extensive research I concluded several things. 1. that photo safe mineral makeup was Not readily available, and  2., and more distressing, not all Mineral ingredients are as natural as we think.
In my search I stumbled across a site claiming “make your own mineral makeup” I was both awed and intrigued. I thought “Make your OWN mineral makeup? I know color theory, I know makeup, how it should feel, blend, perform, last… Heck yeah!”
What’s more I have a good bit of organic Chemistry knowledge and a LOT of Lab experience from my years of college. So I jumped in with both feet, bought some raw ingredients, and started playing around.
I was hooked!
Now, don’t get me wrong, it was difficult, it took me one year of solid formulating, and throwing out a LOT of product before I had a finished foundation good enough to give to someone and ask them to test it out for me, and It has been through a few incarnations since then, as have all my products.
I am thrilled to say that I have a line that I am so, incredibly proud of. A line that I am Fortunate to be creator of, and even more so, one that I know you can feel Fortunate to use on your face. Because I CARE, about you, and about every single ingredient that goes in my jars. I care about creating a product that makes you look and feel amazing, that does what it claims, and adheres to my company’s definition of natural. One that delivers quality, and beauty, naturally.
Thank you all; I hope you love Fortunate Face Minerals as much as I do!

Karrie Welch, CEO
Fortunate Face Minerals

A little "Beauty Takeout" Ready to be delivered

A little “Beauty Takeout” Ready to be delivered

Karrie has over 16 years experience in the beauty industry.  She has done makeup for all aspects of the industry. FFM was created to look flawless, not only in person, but from stage, on camera, and on film including HD.  Not only are you receiving the best in mineral makeup, you are also benefitting from the  experience and knowledge of our founder. 

You can see her professional makeup work here

Karrie loves sharing all manner of makeup advice, from choosing the correct foundation shade, to applying minerals, to choosing the perfect look for you, whether fresh and natural to high definition glamour! 

Check back often to find tips, tricks, and advice from Karrie’s Blog.

( Clients local to 01085 email to book professional services.)