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I am going to do a bit of a gush here, so if that bothers you, or bores you, check back next week for a regular post.
Here goes-
After long, exhausting, often fruitless, and always excruciating years of struggling with my FFM websites, hosts, designers, SEO, etc. I made the smartest decision of my indie business career, and that was to hire Angela Hall owner of Flycatcher Creative
Firstly, Angela UNDERSTANDS the beauty market and the creative mind behind the business because she is a creative herself.
Secondly, she speaks in real, everyday language. She EXPLAINS everything, in real words, NOT tech speak, and she even made me videos to show me HOW things worked.
Now, I’m not dumb, but computers are definitely not my forte’, and Angela swept past all of that and answered questions, gave me info to make decisions, but also built such confidence within me I was able to just trust her and go with her recommendations because I know, SHE knows, what works!
So this beautiful site you are browsing, this blog you are reading, my gorgeous makeup you can now easily purchase? Yeah, I have Angela to thank! Not sure I can even say that enough.
Angela you are a dream come true, I cannot wait to continue working with you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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