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Are Minerals Really Right for my Skin Type?


from our FAQ Series: Are minerals Really Right for my Skin Type?

So another question that many of you have, and trust me, these are all great questions, and ones you certainly deserve answers to!

In a nutshell- I don’t know.

I’m sure you’re thinking, oh well, that’s really helpful, thanks…

But give me a sec here.

Part of this answer is going to come down to ingredients, and the percentages in which they appear. Part is, are you reactive to any of the ingredients in mineral makeup, or a specific brand of mineral makeup, and lastly- Do you even prefer mineral makeup?

Let’s start with the easier one, Oily Skin Type: People who tend toward oily skin often find that powdered mineral makeup is a Godsend in keeping oil production under some semblance of control, and give a better long-lasting wear as well. Which is SO Fabulous, if you were used to makeup beading up and rolling around your face. (raises hand) Yuck!



Oily Skin type

Prepping oily skin with a setting powder that has ingredients like cornstarch, Kaolin Clay, silica, prior to mineral powder foundation can help to alleviate oil breakthrough even more- and some of those same ingredients IN the mineral makeup can also help alleviate oily skin issues. So, typically, guys and gals with oily skin TEND to be fans of powdered mineral makeup.

Normal skin type: Normal skin types have their pick of foundation types. They are neither too oily, too dry, and often don’t experience many skin difficulties, or rarely. For normal skin types it often comes down to personal choice and preference. (which is way more important than people often credit) Good skin prep, and you can usually choose amongst styles of mineral makeup.

Liquid Minerals

Liquid Minerals

Dry skin type: this is ALWAYS the skin type that has the most needs when it comes to STYLE of mineral makeup. Many companies offer natural mineral based products in a variety of mediums, from the standard loose powder, to liquid, cream, cream to powder, etc.  Dry skin ALWAYS benefits from extra hydration, and also having a barrier such as oils and waxes to prevent moisture loss. Dryer skin types also need to assess their reactions to some of the more drying mineral ingredients. Zinc Oxide, Silica, & Clays. Anyone can react to ingredients, but dry skin tends toward the most reactive, and especially when there is no carrier vehicle between their skin and the minerals themselves. Some mildly dryer skin types can wear the powdered minerals no problem. Applying with a damp brush or adding a quick mist of a water or hydrating spray is enough to create a nice non-powdery skin finish. But for Truly dry, and or dehydrated skin, or maybe as skin changes  seasonally, you need extra hydration or protection. This is when you need look for brands that offer different carrier vehicles for the minerals- ie. creams, hydrating liquids, etc. or even different bases specifically for sensitive skin. There are a lot of them out there- Jane Iredale has their Liquid Minerals. Youngblood has liquid and both brands offer tinted moisturizer as well. We love our Uncolored Cream base for this, and also our Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating Mist. The main thing is READ the ingredients label, to ensure that you are comfortable with what they contain, AND they have to work, if not, move on to the next!

image001Aging skin type: Aging skin can encompass any of the skin types- but has the added issues of lines, wrinkles, loss of volume and or elasticity. While great skin care is essential, the choice of makeup product needs to enhance the overall look of skin, not exacerbate any of the visible changes in aging skin. Since makeup clings to pores to adhere to the skin, often women dislike the look of foundation on their skin. What this requires is the appropriate amount of coverage using not a lot of product. If your skin is still very even, then a tinted moisturizer might be enough. However, as we age, this is typically when more skin damage, hormonal issues appear, and usually requires better coverage. You also then must include the needs of the skin as to oily, dry, sensitive, normal, etc. Reading ingredients is again going to be VERY important!

When I am working on a client with more aging skin, I find often dryness is the most common secondary issue- so a good cleanse and moisture prep is always a first. I let the moisturizer sink in and reassess how skin looks. If it sucked up all the moisturizer or serum (or both- depending) I then know a cream base is going to make that skin look AND feel it’s best, and I mix their shade into cream base. If the skin is normalized I may use in powder form, but be sure to set with hydrating spray, or even tap a very light bit of cream base or moisturizer over finished foundation to ensure a realistic skin finish,  especially under eye, and any areas that may be slightly powdery. Again, I assess as I go, and address the needs as I see them. If the skin is still very dewey after applying moisturizer, or the person complains of issues with oiliness, then I prefer powder form, as I know breakthrough oil is usually stopped in it’s tracks! For extra precaution I may lightly re dust with a setting sheer (powder) and also finish with a setting powder.

Lastly, Acneic skin type: Almost every single combination can appear in the category, so seeking a professional to asses your skin can be CRUCIAL to your determining what issues to address. Several of the main points to hit with acneic skin is- coverage, so a full coverage, not clogging pores- so, again reading ingredients labels is huge! ( I will be a broken record on that topic) how it makes you skin FEEL, especially going on, If you have painful cysts using a brush to buff into the skin may not feel very good, so being able to pat makeup on with a soft sponge, or stipple ( bounce gently onto skin) with a very soft brush might just be a more pleasant experience for you. Maybe fingers ( clean) are the only tool that feels right.  If you’re going through treatment, whether over the counter or professional,l your skin may be dry, from the products or medications, and moisture is going to be key to helping skin look and feel better. If it’s truly dry from less oil production, then cream products are going to give you an extra barrier protection and also help the makeup glide on and feel great on the skin. If it’s simply surface dryness from topical medications you may just need an extra emollient moisturizer, and to use a wet brush or sponge with powdered minerals to get coverage but avoid powdery looking finish just sitting on top of the skin.

You can have a combination of these types as well- oily skin with surface dryness, or aging skin, but normal. My advice is ALWAYS if you experience issues with your skin that you cannot find a way to moderate or control, see a licensed esthetician, or a licensed dermatologist. Both can be a great arsenal in helping you control any specific issues you may have.

Now for the final topic; Preference, and this, really is what it all comes down to. There may be a perfect foundation match out there for your skin type of skin, BUT, that doesn’t mean you’re going to love it, or even like it. Frankly, you might be downright turned off by it altogether, and you know what? That is perfectly ok. Not everything suits everybody, it’s what makes us all kind of awesome. There are LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of different types of makeup products, you are not bound to one type, especially if the word SHOULD is in your vocabulary- “well I SHOULD wear mineral makeup, it’s better for me right?” Only you can decide that for yourself, if it works and performs exactly as you love, if the price point is right for you, if the look and feel are just what you want, sure. But if not, and you just love your foundation you have been wearing forever, and you feel you look amazing? Then kudos, you have a winner! Why change? My husbands lovely aunt wanted to buy some makeup from me, and so I sent her samples to try. She loved several things, but guiltily admitted to me about preferring her liquid foundation. I KNOW she dreaded telling me that, but I can promise, I wasn’t the least upset, she loves what she loves! Someday when FFM is bigger we may have the man and machine power to offer all those forms, Liquid, Pre-mixed creams, etc. For now, I let you little at home scientists mix for yourself, but someday….someday! The moral of this story is Find and Use what you love! We always hope it’s Fortunate Face Minerals, but truly use what makes you Feel AMAZING!


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