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Makeup Artist Guest Post: Ash Crist

Guest poster: Professional Makeup Artist, Ash Crist. Ash has been a friend, and makeup artist colleague, for many years now. She has always given me great feedback on FFM, and even taught me a few new ways to use it! I am proud that my products make her job as a makeup artist easier, and […]

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Eye Cream

  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but exciting things are in the works! Our eye cream formula, that has been in development for a while, has been so successful we are over the moon! And no changes from Batch #1 that almost NEVER happens! Seriously, the foundations alone I think we went through at […]

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Mineral Makeup & Flashback

    I often hear, most especially from my fellow pro makeup artist that makeup with any spf, but specifically Silica, Mica, Titanium Dioxide ( Tio2) and Zinc Oxide ( ZO), will absolutely cause flashback in photography. I have heard, more than once, that the combo of Zinc and Titanium dioxide will always cause flashback. […]

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Erase your Makeup

  Makeup Eraser: I was pretty skeptical that this would actually work. DESPITE many of my pro makeup community raving about the results, ( I usually trust my fellow pros when they claim something is amazing, it usually is) BUT….I figured, sure it will remove makeup, but will my face actually FEEL clean. Your probably […]

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Figid winter temps and your skin!

Protect your skin from Winter Weather!

Just as we thought it might be over, winter weather rears its head. In winter, many of us need to switch gears, AND our skincare routine. With the Northeast having had some unseasonably warm days I hadn’t needed to switch anything up, BUT with frigid temps happening again, you can kind of see how my […]

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Summer Skin!

Essentials for Summer

I am asked all the time for my recommendations for products. Honestly, there are a million and one products out there that are wonderful. BUT, that doesn’t mean they are wonderful to you! It really does come down to some trial and error on your part. I learned, over the years dealing with my very […]

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Advice to an Aspiring Makeup Artist

repost/update from a previous blogpost from 2013.                 I decided to update and repost this, since I am continually asked by aspiring, and new Mua’s, ( stands for makeup artists) about assisting, teaching classes, and mentoring. I updated several of the artists who inspire me, and of course added […]

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Can Makeup Cover Scars?

This week’s post is a Reader Q & A from Amie ( love her name spelling) Typically, with a scar, we’re dealing with 2 issues that makeup may help with. The first is color, which makeup can absolutely help cover. If the scar has discoloration, like redness, bruising, or, if it’s whiter, or lighter, than […]

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Don't be like Mimi

Everyday Makeup Mistakes

Everyday Makeup Mistakes Series Ok, So as a professional makeup artist, clearly it is necessary that I Have SOME amount of skill at applying makeup. That, and some great training, as well as, hopefully a great eye for color theory, as well as texture, shape etc. A lot more goes into it than many people […]

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Reader Q & A- Silicones

So we had another Reader Q & A this time on our post about Silicones. You can read it here. I gave a small bit of advice on hiding pores, and silica and silicones, (derived from silica) are just one excellent ingredient that can help in this process. Our Reader asked: “Can you specifically name […]

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Do you Match Your Makeup to Your Clothes?

From our reader Q & A Series Do you match your makeup to your clothes? I never like to match my eyeshadow color to my other clothing- such as, if  I am wearing a purple top, I avoid plum or purple shades on my eyes. I am never a fan of matchy match in makeup. […]

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I used NO contour on her face for this shoot, just a bit of strategic highlighting.

What is with this Shading (Contouring) thing?

  Another from our Q& A Series, this one from FFM FB page. Our commenter Tracy, asked, (on our last blog post, which you can see here):  “What is with this new shading thing? All this really heavy makeup on the face to contour… is it just for the camera? It’s all so confusing..” GREAT Question […]

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What do YOU look for in your Makeup?

Another from our Q & A Series: What do YOU look for in your Makeup? So this is a GREAT question, because I think many women have difficulty shopping for makeup- because they are overwhelmed with choices. And really HOW can you tell what Is good and what is poor quality makeup? Now, Instead of […]

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Pantone Colors of the year 2016

Pantone Color of the Year 2016

Pantone, the arbiter of color trends, has chosen its color, or should we say colors of 2016. They are:   Going to be REALLY honest here. Not. A. Fan. I completely understand, and applaud the sentiment behind the choice of gender equality, and I even saw a post about embracing a softness due to a […]

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Relax, your Cosmetics aren’t trying to kill you!

Great article– with a lot of Science balanced by Great Common sense!  Because at the end of the day, you can be allergic to anything, anywhere, at anytime! Seriously, I don’t even necessarily agree with everything he is saying,  and I tend to err on the side of, until it’s PROVEN completely safe with many actual scientific […]

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What’s aging you!

Everyone’s first thought is wrinkles! And yes, they obviously appear as we age, and lose volume in our skin, but that is NOT the number one reason you look older than you do! Looking tired or worn out, whether from lack of sleep, illness, plus redness, discoloration, age spots, lack of exfoliation ( which actually […]

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Keep your skincare out of my makeup!

Keep Your Skincare OUT of my Makeup! Ok well that’s probably a tad dramatic- but it certainly gets my point across- which is this- in our era of, “If a little is good, more must be better, and if more is better, then ALL THE STUFFS MUST BE BEST!” mentality, we want our products to […]

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Wearable Fall Makeup Trends 2015

Each season everyone wants to know WHAT are the new makeup trends? Well, this season there are actually quite a lot of them- and they really span across a broad spectrum from barely there makeup to graphic liner and highly editorial bejeweled and bedazzled looks. Many include the continuation of makeup trends we’ve already seen […]

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Fuller, Sexy Lips!

Full lips have had a lot of attention recently. The “cupping” method of using suction to engorge ( like here  )the lips has certainly seen it’s fair share of press. Unfortunately, it’s also a method that can cause serious damage to tissues, (fails) capillaries and even cause tears in the lips and skin. Ouch! A […]

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Fix that Makeup Mistake!

                              How to Quickly fix that makeup mistake! There may be that big boo boo that just can’t be easily undone- liquid liner raccoon eyes that get bigger and bigger as we “even” it out comes to mind. In that case […]

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Effortless Summer Skin!

Effortless Summer Skin! When summer rolls around many women really scale back their makeup routine. Whether it’s avoiding heavy feeling makeup (not with FFM!), or a time thing, or just activity based-ie going swimming, for some it’s the tan their skin develops. Whatever your reason, being able to scale back hinges on choosing the correct […]

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The Newest Beauty Trend?

  Strobing! SO  what the heck is this newest beauty trend, and really why should you even care? Well if you hate makeup- then you don’t and really, why are you here exactly? feel free to click away. BUT if you’re like us, and you love makeup- and Strobing is something your just NEED to […]

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Ellements Magazine ~ Beauty Editorial

Some pics from our recent Beauty Editorial publication in Ellements Magazine May Issue- all using Fortunate Face Minerals! In a beauty editorial Skin is the primary focus! So it MUST be flawless! Get your copy of Ellements Magazine ( print or digital) to see some other amazing beauty editorials, at the link above! Model is Larosey […]

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Stop Buying Lies!

Ladies (and gents) you are being lied to. and what’s worse you are PAYING people to lie to you. often over, and over again. It’s not because you’re dumb, it’s not because you like people lying to you, it’s because it has become so ingrained in us to be bombarded DAILY with lies, that we […]

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Are Minerals Really Right for my Skin Type?

from our FAQ Series: Are minerals Really Right for my Skin Type? So another question that many of you have, and trust me, these are all great questions, and ones you certainly deserve answers to! In a nutshell- I don’t know. I’m sure you’re thinking, oh well, that’s really helpful, thanks… But give me a […]

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Does mineral makeup contain Spf?

  Another post from our FAQ Series: Does mineral makeup contain SPF? This is a very common question we get often. The short answer is -no. But let me explain why.   The FDA classifies any product making a claim of SPF as a drug, and rigorous, independent testing must be employed by any company making […]

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Will Mineral Makeup Work for My Skin Type?

From our FAQ  Series. Will mineral makeup work for my skin type is a fairly common question, and a pretty understandable one as well. Obviously if you are going to spend money on a product, you’d like a little assurance that what you’re buying is suitable for your needs. Well there is the short, and […]

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Nano Particles are they in YOUR makeup?

Nanoparticles in Mineral Makeup: Original post 2/5/10   This is an older post that I did on Nanoparticles in mineral makeup it was originally posted in 2010.  When I first wrote it, nanoparticles were not even that well known by many. There was one very vocal well known, opponent, who will remain nameless in this […]

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Wish you were Stunning?

I am sooo happy! My distributor was sold out of my very favorite colorant for one of my very favorite eye shadows- It was discontinued by the manufacturer! *CRY* She just found a bit of this AMAZING mica & guess who just snapped up a whole Pound! So I am happy to announce that Stunning– […]

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A Bronzed Beauty Deserves her Halo!

  Bronzer is one of those makeup items that I think every woman, and quite a few men, have in their makeup arsenal. It’s a product that is easy to understand WHY you want or need it, but not always easy to understand the exact right way to use it. Firstly, let’s start off with […]

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The 5 Minute Face!

The 5 Minute Face! With the new year upon us, most of us will find ourselves busier than ever, and every minute matters!  However, A busy morning doesn’t mean you have to forgo makeup. If you pare down your routine to the bare minimum, & perfect your application techniques, you can still walk out the […]

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What the Sheen?

What’s the Sheen? Matte, Satin, Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine! There are many aspects of makeup that the average woman may find confusing. There are color choices; brown or black? Texture choices; creamy, dewy, wet, dry? Delivery choices; cream, liquid, cream to powder, loose powder, pressed powder? None, however, seem to be quite as confusing as Sheen, […]

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How to get ( and STAY) Holiday Pretty!

Let Fortunate Face Minerals help you get Holiday Pretty! Achieving a gorgeous holiday glow is certainly within the busy girl (or guys) grasp! Even in the season of rushing, stress, lack of sleep, not to mention cold temps, and drying indoor heat sources. All these can sap our skin of moisture and it’s luminosity. Here […]

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Mahogany Eye ~ Get the Glam!

Our product spotlight for this week is my shadow shade Mahogany Ok, sooooo It KIND of coincides with Pantone’s Color of the year Marsala–   but, Honestly, it truly is a coincidence. I have used this particular shade on two shoots recently-, and one BEFORE the color of the year was even announced. (Trend predictor? […]

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Who Doesn’t Love Free?

IntensifEYE Shadow Primer- Free Sample  As many of you may know (definitely those who have ordered from us before) we love to throw in some free samples of different products with your order. It’s one of those things that I think Customers just love, I mean, who doesn’t love free? And free makeup? Uh, hello! […]

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INSPO Magazine

We are so happy to let you all know that we were featured in the current issue of INSPO Magazine. A European based Fashion magazine. Check it out here- INSPO page #37 is the feature on our products! But what makes this even MORE special- is that we were never supposed to be featured! A call […]

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Your Style, Your Way!

There are a lot of blogs, (including this one) that offer a lot of makeup advice- saying do this, this way, or don’t do this because, xyz. Mostly because people who are not trained makeup artists, do need, and moreover, WANT some guidance. I don’t expect you to know what I KNOW.  Just like you nurses […]

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CLEAN? WHAT the Heck are you talking about?

I adore Clean Beauty! What the heck is “Clean Beauty”, you ask?  Photographer: Courtney Dailey Croll, Model: Jasmine Zen It is when you have used makeup to enhance everything about a person’s face and yet they appear is if they are wearing little to no makeup whatsoever. Photgrapher Harris Davey, Model: Heather Seefeldt, Maggie Models […]

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