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Why not have a Mulitple?

Mind out of the gutter people. ok I set that one up didn’t I? For Shame. Anyway I DO still want you to have a multiple experience; Multiple use for your cosmetics! One thing many non pros don’t always understand is that many, many products can be used in A LOT of different ways, Lipsticks as […]

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How to make Your Senior pic not suck!

A little advice from a mom who works in the fashion industry helping to create amazing photos! When it came time for my daughter to have hers done-I was spoiled for choice- but chose to go with the Always Amazing Sandra Costello- ( because she just KNOWS how to draw out someone’s personality, and help […]

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Don’t forget to put your feet in the sand!

Many of you probably know that I am an indie business owner- meaning that I am the sole person responsible for running FFM. I also freelance as a professional makeup artist doing photoshoots, commercials, weddings etc.  And Lastly I am a wife and mother to 3 wonderful children. All of these things are amazing- and […]

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Let’s Keep it Clean, Shall We?

I feel the need to address something that perhaps doesn’t much occur to the general consumer, but very much affects all consumers! This is the topic of GMP. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. Sounds boring, I know, but bear with me. GMP does NOT mean-“well my place looks clean, and I wash my equipment […]

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Conceal for Real!

Guest post from Makeup artist Ash Crist- ok, really this is just our convo- But I think this sums it up nicely without me needing to really add a thing. “New trick, to conceal pimples or other redness, for oily/combo skin (like mine), when typical liquid/cream concealers won’t stay put…..after applying FFM foundation all over […]

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Amour Gina Nars blush

You’re really not that bright.

Wow, what made me such a b*#@h today? That is probably what you’re thinking right about now But wait! ok- I don’t really mean it THAT way. Truly, you can put the pitchforks and burning torches down, PUT. THEM. DOWN. What I mean is, Too many women are using the WRONG shade of blush. Yeah, that […]

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The EXACT right color: My Obsession

So I was watching a throwback movie with my family this past weekend. “Romancing the Stone” starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.  Funny movie, released in 1984, if you are like me, you saw the original. (read: old)  If your too young to remember this movie rent it, trust me. Anyway, my point. i was […]

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Summer Bronzer Basics

Seriously, Who Does NOT love Bronzer???? If that is you, then this post is probably not for you….but come on, after this post, you WILL love bronzer, I promise! Bronzer’s entire job is to add depth of color to your skin, to mimic the look of Sun exposure….period. Finite’. Therefore, it is important for your […]

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Angela-Flycatcher Creative

I am going to do a bit of a gush here, so if that bothers you, or bores you, check back next week for a regular post. Here goes- After long, exhausting, often fruitless, and always excruciating years of struggling with my FFM websites, hosts, designers, SEO, etc. I made the smartest decision of my […]

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I want you to buy less makeup!

Yeah- you heard me! I want you to buy LESS makeup… Instead, how about making what you own, and love DO more! Sound good? Ok if you are an FFM user, you probably already know that just about anything can be used anywhere. Because we use pigments, and micas, rather than dyes. There isn’t a […]

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Prepare for better results!

Preparing your skin for makeup application is just as important AS the actual application of makeup! Now this doesn’t mean you have to follow some complicated series of steps using 468 products, but rather making sure YOUR skin will accept and wear the makeup as flawlessly as possible. For this to happen you need to […]

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It’s best to push not rub!

ok- lol What do I mean by this? When working with cream based products- especially foundations, it is so much more effective to gently, but firmly, push the makeup onto and into the skin.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using a brush, a sponge,(my go to choice for on set), or your fingers (my favorite […]

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Clean Beauty Makeup Class

I was so fortunate to be able to take an amazing class yesterday with my good friend Kim Young! (and also why this post is one day late!) And yes, I still take class. I don’t care how long I have been doing makeup- taking class will ALWAYS be valuable! I was lucky that this […]

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I’m Tired of Makeup!

I know it goes against everything that owning your own makeup company stands for- or at least seems to- But I am kind of tired of wearing makeup! As I have gotten a bit busier- as this time of year ALWAYS does for me, I find that doing a full face of prefect makeup falls […]

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Color of the month-Patina

Ok I am addicted to this color! Usually I need at least 2 colors to get great dimension to my eye- 3 is best (always) and 4 is what I use most in shoots- particularly with unforgiving camera and lights. But this color here- It just doesn’t NEED all of that. Now, don’t get me […]

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Make me Breathless!

I am so excited! I know it is super dorky- but I tend to fall in love with my colors all over again. Like everyone else I get into a comfortable routine- and just reach for the same colors over and over- even with LITERALLY hundreds of colors at my disposal, I too, like you, […]

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Flattering Colors for ALL tones!

Awhile back I was asked to do an on air Mass Appeal Segment where I spoke about Flattering skin tones, and choosing appropriate shades based upon your own personal coloring. We all know that there are just some colors that DO not look good on us, EVER! For me those shades are mustard yellow, olive green, & […]

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Glow, Glow, Glow With Some Lusters!

I don’t know about all of you, but I am SO OVER this dreary weather! So this week we are highlighting our Lusters! The Lusters are used to add a subtle shimmer highlight. They are sheer enough to allow skin tone to shine through, but with enough luster to catch the light and the eye! […]

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Let’s Keep it Clean, Shall We?

I feel the need to address something that perhaps doesn’t much occur to the general consumer, but very much affects all consumers! This is the topic of GMP. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. Sounds boring, I know, but bear with me. GMP does NOT mean-“well my place looks clean, and I wash my equipment […]

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Everyone Knows You Can’t Photograph Mineral Makeup. Well, Everyone is WRONG

  There are, unfortunately, many opinions that mineral makeup does not perform well for professional photography. Many professional makeup artists & photographers avoid using minerals, particularly foundations, because they don’t feel that they are capable of achieving a natural, realistic skin appearance. I agree that, in many instances, mineral foundations may not be the best […]

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Hide Your Pores Once and For All

For those of us with excruciatingly obvious pores, you know who you are, we are always desperate for a solution! There are no magic wands of makeup that will make these suckers just disappear; there are, however, some makeup tips that can significantly reduce their overall appearance.Most anyone even remotely interested in makeup have heard […]

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How Old is Too Old to Wear Shimmer

There are many aspects of makeup that the average woman may find confusing. There are color choices; brown or black?, texture choices; creamy, dewy, dry?, delivery choices; cream, liquid, cream to powder,mineralized, pressed powder? None, however, seem to be quite as confusing as Sheen, or in other words, the level of reflective properties. In lay […]

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Think you can’t use mineral makeup for HD…think again.

By now you’ve probably all heard of HD  or High Definition makeup. With the advent of HD cameras, which has 6x the pixelation of a regular camera,the makeup industry has had to adjust HOW makeup is created AND applied. These high definition images, whether still or motion, show true skin texture and color. It is no longer enough to color adjust, […]

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Review

I decided to review the Insta-Dri 30 second polish from Sally Hansen. I’m usually a CND or OPI gal, and Lord knows, I love my Essie (always the most beautiful colors!), but I could not resist the lure of a 30 second color opportunity, who could? I bought the Racin” Red (which I noticed isn’t […]

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Makeup the Pros Use

Boy, I am on a roll today, so much to share! I love, love, love minerals makeup! Despite what some believe, there are mineral products than can actually be used professionally. I use mineral makeup won photoshoots with great success. Sometimes though, only the old-fashioned stuff will do. So i fall back on the old […]

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The Secret of 5 Minute Makeup

With a little planning and good products, you can look your best on even your busiest day. Here are a few tips to getting a pulled together look when you don’t have time to spare. 1. Concealer is a woman’s best friend! The trick to using concealer efficiently is to use a colored corrector made […]

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