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Make me Breathless!

I am so excited!
I know it is super dorky- but I tend to fall in love with my colors all over again.
Like everyone else I get into a comfortable routine- and just reach for the same colors over and over- even with LITERALLY hundreds of colors at my disposal, I too, like you, sometimes just like quick and easy.
Hey who doesn’t, right?
But today I went out of my way to go and grab some of one of my newest cheek colors Breathless. It is an amazing vibrant pink with just enough blue/purple undertone to keep it cool, but super wearable.
God I love this color!
It, like all my other colors, is professionally pigmented- so a little can go a long way. I built it up in about 3 layers- and use my foundation brush, with whatever minute remains of foundation powder were left, to gently buff it in and diffuse it into the skin.
yeah, it’s pretty epic.


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