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Clean Beauty Makeup Class

I was so fortunate to be able to take an amazing class yesterday with my good friend Kim Young! (and also why this post is one day late!) And yes, I still take class. I don’t care how long I have been doing makeup- taking class will ALWAYS be valuable!
I was lucky that this one also involved a photoshoot with fantastic LA photographer Courtney Dailey  So I am excited to see pics of my super sweet and beautiful model Jasmien Zen.
This was, specifically, a Clean beauty class. Clean beauty is makeup for pictures where the model appears at her most natural. This does involve actual makeup to accomplish- even on the most perfect model!
AAAANNNNDDDD you know what’s coming next- of course I used Fortunate Face Minerals.  The hero for me was my Uncolored Cream Base. Cream base
Because the skin is SOOO important in this kind of look, and dewey plump looking skin is the ideal, for me it was a no brainer to mix everything into the base to create glowing, fresh skin, rich flush, and a subtle sheen to the lips. And I was so happy to see IntensifEYE featured as the eye primer of choice- and was also the most popular kid in class sicne I gave all my fellow mua’s a freebie intensifEYE! LOL Like a kid at Christmas waiting for the shots!!!! have you used the cream base? if so- we would LOVE to hear what you think, or any questions!

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