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CLEAN? WHAT the Heck are you talking about?

I adore Clean Beauty! What the heck is “Clean Beauty”, you ask?

CDD_3299 Photographer: Courtney Dailey Croll, Model: Jasmine Zen

It is when you have used makeup to enhance everything about a person’s face and yet they appear is if they are wearing little to no makeup whatsoever.


Photgrapher Harris Davey, Model: Heather Seefeldt, Maggie Models Inc

Skin, looking like skin, is paramount in this case (though really, it always should be) and choosing the correct products to get the appropriate coverage for the skin you have, and still making skin look flawlessly like nothing BUT skin is of tantamount importance.

IMG_5245-2Photographer Harris Davey, Model Emma King, Maggie Models Inc
This is the basis for EVERY other makeup look on the planet.

It IS what HD makeup MEANS!

AND it is the Hallmark of an amazing, well trained, makeup artist.

It happens to be one of my favorites, A because it is a challenge, but  because I KNOW I have amazing products that can get this look done, and the skin is going to have the coverage it needs, AND look amazing.

Now, this is NOT a sales pitch for FFM, though it IS my go to, and what you will see used most exclusively in my pictures like the main ones I am posting here. BUT, it isn’t the only brand I carry-  or even use.

A few weeks ago, when asked to do a regular customer’s clean beauty makeup for some pictures, her skin’s ph had changed (she’s a daily user of FFM) but for some reason as we were doing her makeup for pictures her skin was oxidizing with the FFM, and the foundation was darkening. I tried re-prepping her skin and starting over- again oxidizing. So, no problem, I reached for my trusty Face Atelier –!OpenForm&sec=

This product is a silicone based liquid foundation, the silicone would add the barrier her skin required that day, until she could re-balance her skin, and get her ph in check. We had about 15 minutes to complete her makeup- and have her look as fresh and natural as possible. she is the gorgeous gal to the left here in the quick cell phone snap I took.IMG_1337

There are AMAZING products out there- Face Atelier, RCMA (stands for Research Council of Makeup artists), Makeup Forever,  Laura Geller, Temptu, Graftobian, Maqpro, Cover Fx, among so many others. I personally carry ALL of these myself along with all my FFM. Most of these can be found at Ulta, Sephora, and two amazing online stores called  Camera Ready Cosmetics. This Store has EVERYTHING you could want, customer service is fabulous, and prices are great! Another of my favorites (and I order from these two stores myself) is Frends Beauty Supply, another great shop, with SO much to offer, great customer service, and if you are a pro makeup artist both have programs that save you a ton of money. But even if you aren’t, their prices are so competitive, and often less than what you would pay at a department store. And remember these are pro products, so often you use so much less, and your makeup lasts SO much longer! Now, you can see some pics demonstrating more Clean Beauty, and yes they are all using 100% FFM (except the mascara), BUT these looks could just as easily been created by ANY of the brands I named above, And most found in those stores.  I will say, do yourself a favor, and check out these products, and these companies!

liane clean head down Photographer: Harris Davey, model: Liane Boyko.

The photogrpaher told me this required very little editing- and Liane did have some redness to her skin that required covering. Here I used FFM Foundation in Warm 5, mixed into our uncolored cream base to make a cream, Poppy blush was also mixed into cream base and stippled on with a beauty blender, then whole face was lightly covered with same foundation shade in powder form to set, and Poppy blush, in powder form was used to intensify cheek color. Faux Bronzer was swept lightly around perimeter of face to create a “halo” effect, and draw attention to the center of face, and her features. I dabbed a tiny amount of Prep Step 2 correcting concealer over any areas that were still red, including sides of nose and up under bottom lashes on lid and under eye. Bittersweet was used in her brows to even, and also on her lid slightly to push browbone back. Golden Luster was used as a further highlight on high points of the face, including inner corner of eye and on body.  I mixed 2 lip colors (coming to our site soon) in Embrace and Lover to create this lip shade.  I tapped some uncolored cream base onto areas where I wished to have a more dewey finish (like cheekbones, temples and shoulders), and lastly I curled lashes and applied one coat of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.

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