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Color of the month-Patina

Ok I am addicted to this color!
Usually I need at least 2 colors to get great dimension to my eye- 3 is best (always) and 4 is what I use most in shoots- particularly with unforgiving camera and lights.
But this color here-


It just doesn’t NEED all of that.

Now, don’t get me wrong I often pair it with some blackest as liner, and Golden Luster in the inner corner as a highlight…
BUT- there are many days where- that’s it- the great stand alone product.
I swirl it around and around my entire eye, blending it gracefully out into nothingness over my brow bone…and- done!
I don’t know what voodoo magic managed to find it’s way into this one- but the blend of brown/copper/red just , I don’t know? Works!  My brown eyes glow, my skin looks richer…
How many of you have tried Patina? I would LOVE to hear your feedback, and for those that haven’t worn it yet, would you? All responses here will be entered in the drawing to win one! So don’t forget to comment! and if we get enough  comments I’ll give away 3! So share to increase the giveaway!

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