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Conceal for Real!

Guest post from Makeup artist Ash Crist- ok, really this is just our convo- But I think this sums it up nicely without me needing to really add a thing.

“New trick, to conceal pimples or other redness, for oily/combo skin (like mine), when typical liquid/cream concealers won’t stay put…..after applying FFM foundation all over (and any prior color-correction product), for spots still showing red, i spray a bit of skindinavia sealer spray on a coastal scents pointed blender brush (any “bullet” brush will work, but should be synthetic, soft, and dense…i love the coastal scents one…cheap, and i have 4 of them), dip the lightly-sprayed brush tip in FF mineral foundation, and tap over discoloration…after it dries completely, it can be EXTRA set with the same, clean, dry brush dipped in mineral sheer. play with the process, and see what you think. I tried this with spot shot, but the texture was off…with foundation powder, it’s awesome!

I had just utilized that process, via trial and error, and wanted to share it with you. Test it yourself, and if you like the results, YOU can blog it. It is only necessary for nasty cystic or scabbing, picked areas, though. Basically, the sealing spray, mixed with your foundation powder, creates a product that looks, dries like a spot-touch from an airbrush.

Wore it all day, yesterday and it held though my 7pm Pilate’s class, too. I picked my face 2 days ago. Bad bad bad! I had been so good about not doing that.”

My Response:

I agree I do the same exact thing (I use my Green Tea Spray to mix which has glycerin so really “holds”) and if really red- again I may do Prep Step first then foundation- I will blog about both. Thank you for taking the time to write that!

Hint: I also like to finish with a very fluffy brush and gently “buff” the area to remove any excess product- but soooo lightly, as it would be so easy to remove everythign you just did.

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