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Do you Match Your Makeup to Your Clothes?


From our reader Q & A Series

Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

I never like to match my eyeshadow color to my other clothing- such as, if  I am wearing a purple top, I avoid plum or purple shades on my eyes. I am never a fan of matchy match in makeup. So I, personally, avoid on lips as well- BUT I have seen similar shades on lip and clothes that I love- especially reds.

Now I HAVE seen it down flawlessly, but usually by one of my fellow pros, AND not for everyday wear, but either in editorial, fashion, or a red carpet event.

Lupita- makeup by

Lupita- makeup by Nick Barose

Like – Lupita here, who wears an aqua blue gown and also sports a deeper royal blue. But again, professionally done, red carpet.

And, to be clear, I am talking colored cosmetics here- eye, cheek, lips, nails. Your foundation, and concealer should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS match your actually skin tone.

If you really want to rock the same color in clothes and on your eyes- go with different shades of the same color not an exact match. This will make it more interesting, as well as more flattering to the overall look, like you can see on Lupita above.

One of the main reasons I don’t love the matching, especially with less traditional color combinations, is that it pulls focus from YOU, to the makeup itself. In My opinion, Outside of the fashion world, which has a whole other set of “rules”,  Makeup should always throw the focus on you, your features, your beauty, rather than become the focal point in and of itself. I’m going to show a few examples. Please note, I am not making fun of these women, but rather using this as an example of where I think they could have looked better with a different makeup choice.


Jennifer beals

And I love green on brown eyes, but not with the same green shade of dress.


This color choice just doesn’t work.

just too match- and she has amazing eyes!

just too matchy- and she has amazing shaped eyes, but we lose that by distracting colors.

Adore Sophia Vegara- But i just don;t lvoe that cheek and lip match her dress.

Adore Sophia Vegara- But I just don’t love that both cheek AND lip match her dress.








To me, the biggest “rule of thumb” is simply not to clash. That’s really the main thing to keep in mind when choosing colors for your daily look, and also why neutrals on eye, such as black, grey, browns, tans,  creams, and metallics are so easily wearable. So when in doubt choose those! But if you’re looking for drama- Look for shades on the opposite side of the color wheel. So if you’re wearing purple, then a glorious coppery shadow will add that super dramatic flair! Check out my friend, and fellow makeup artist, Kim Young’s portfolio– she is AMAZING at using complimentary shades; plus she’s just ridiculously talented.


Sample of the week is Seductive a gorgeous green!  ( with any full sized purchase)







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