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IntensifEYE Shadow Primer- Free Sample 


Make that Eyeshadow stay with primer- get a sample of FFM IntensifEYE ~ on us!

As many of you may know (definitely those who have ordered from us before) we love to throw in some free samples of different products with your order. It’s one of those things that I think Customers just love, I mean, who doesn’t love free?
And free makeup? Uh, hello!
It’s also a really great way for us to introduce clients to products that we love, and one  that may become a new, surprise favorite.
I typically look at what each person orders, and try to choose sample based on what would GO with their order (ie foundation shade) but many times, especially with all you repeat gals, I may end up always sending you the same thing! Now, that could be great, but could also be a bummer- cause you’d never get to try anything new- and that IS the whole point after all.
So, what’s my solution you ask?
From now forward, in every order there will be a weekly sample product that will automatically be included in every standard order.*   We Will choose the product on Mondays. This week’s orders will include a sample of IntensifEYE, our shadow primer and pigment enhancer. This product is a cult favorite among a lot of my fellow makeup artists~ especially as a primer under other shadows to keep them firmly in place. Don’t believe me? here’s a teeny testimonial from my friend, and AHHHMAZING makeup artist Briana Chapman. ( just dropping her fabulousness here)  “Just wanted to say used the (IntensifEYE) primer on 3 editorials this week. I’m freaking in LOVE. It is so amazing!!!! I will forever stock that in my kit from now on. So awesome.”
– Briana Danielle Chapman,pro makeup artist with Agency Gerard
With FFM shadows, well as those of you who have tried them know, they pretty much don’t budge on all but the oiliest of lids. ( and I have a tad of advice for you oily peeps down below!)  But really WHY I created IntensifEYE to begin with is to “Foil” your shadows.  IntensifEYE works to enhance the pigmentation of shadows; it tends to really help bring out any micas that are present in a shadow and can deepen a pigment, but also enhance any sheen. AND it lasts until you take it off!

IntensifEYE Eye Primer

IntensifEYE~ A TEENY bit is needed. Use the corner of the scoop that comes with it – D <<<< that amount covers both lids- and should appear almost as though you have put nothing on. I promise it will still work!


Ok tidbit for my super intense oily lidded ladies (and gents, we’re equal opportunity makeuppers) these are the best steps we have found to keep shadow budge proof, and ones I use professionally when on set with someone who suffers from this, (though it is REALLY rare for me to have this issue with anyone when using FFM shadows)
Step 1: Do not, under any circumstances, put moisturizer on your lids. Pretty easy yes? I will make one exception – if the moisturizer contains zero waxes or oils AND you really need it fine, but really if your lids are that oily you my be creating an overkill situation anyway. As long as you have a thorough skin care routine that is suited to your skin’s needs you’re probably fine.
Step 2: powder your lids with a translucent setting powder or dust on a thin coat of Prep Step. Prep Step is a yellow based correcting concealer that is amazing at toning down the redness that naturally occurs on lids. The skin is very thin around eye area, and small capillaries are usually very visible. I find, particularly at the lash line both top and bottom, often benefits from the Prep Step to completely remove the red. BUT Prep Step has the added bonus of also having a bit of grip, what makes it stay on your skin all day, also helps anything you put over it stay all day as well. Both that or the setting powder can absorb a small amount of oil as well, which is that extra bit of anti-oil insurance. .
Step 3: Prime. Obviously, we are suggesting IntensifEYE, but I would still suggest this method with any creamy primer you choose. Whether Ubran Decay Primer Potion, or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, two very popular eye primer choices.
Step 4: Apply your shadow.  I recommend, and this is for always, to stipple on your shadow. You deposit more , more quickly, then when lid is covered where you choose, lightly blend out the edges with a clean brush. If your shadow is well pigmented, then it should pick up and deposit easily with not a lot of repeat dipping, and using a primer just increases the “grab” and blend of the shadow as well.

Now, lastly because I LOVE to hear back from my readers,  Seriously, you have no idea how excited I get when people leave comments or questions (I LOVE questions!) It’s pretty dorky.  Anyway, IF you comment whether here, or at our facebook page, (you’ll want to “like” that by the way since sometimes we do contests and other specials we do nowhere else!) or on Instagram as Fortunate Face, or you can email us and suggest your favorite product as a sample!  I want to hear what YOU want for Free!


(* not included in foundation sample orders)

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