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Don’t forget to put your feet in the sand!

Many of you probably know that I am an indie business owner- meaning that I am the sole person responsible for running FFM. I also freelance as a professional makeup artist doing photoshoots, commercials, weddings etc.  And Lastly I am a wife and mother to 3 wonderful children.
All of these things are amazing- and I really cannot picture my life without all three of these jobs. I love each one, for a whole host of reasons.
and you knew there would be a but I am sure
They are, all three, incredibly demanding and exhausting.
each job involves so much more that is practically impossible to explain- but I’ll try.
Firstly- mom- I taught them to speak so right there I just notched that difficulty level up to about a 95. They do things, like go to school, play sports, etc. They like to eat. A lot. that involves massive tins of work- typically just grocery shopping and cooking. Cleaning- hmmm yeah I’ll get to it eventually. Thank God we assign chores or nothing would be clean, ever. Good kids need time invested in them- period- character is developed  and that takes a commitment from parents.
Freelancing. Code word for hustle your ass, or you book zero work! Jobs do not come to me to book, but rather I seek out the jobs, opportunities, castings. It is a holy and Blessed day that I get repeat clients, or a photographer, client, model etc approaches me with paid work.  It also involves travel- which I don’t mind- but every second doing that is time away from family and my other business- so the opportunity cost is ALWAYS weighed. It is why I sometimes say no to jobs I would love to do, with people who have talent  (usually trade or low budget projects). Since makeup as a whole (wether FFM or mua) is my full time job- and NOT a hobby- it has to earn me a living wage for the time put in. It’s a fairly calculable formula, and often helps make my decisions for me.
Fortunate Face Minerals- IF you didn’t know- you do now- EVERY product is handmade by me. period. There is NOTHING that is bought prefinished, premade, etc. From multiple raw ingredients to finished product packaged into jars/containers, labelled, shipped etc.  All done by me.  I love every minute of it- so Do not read this as complaining cause I’m not. I am thrilled that I created this line- I am so proud of it I could burst some days. I love my customers. You may wait a few extra days to get your shipment- but dedication and passion are in every jar.
But- wait, another but?
The end of Summer (for anyone with  age kids) was fast approaching- and I had yet to go to the beach even once! Ok well technically that’s not true- I went several times for some awesome photoshoots-

like this- IMG_3540 (and yes- all FFM but the mascara!)
But not to relax, to spend time with family, to just breathe in the glory of the ocean. So yesterday My wonderful husband insisted we go. The weather forecast was not great- But I just wanted to bury my toes in the sand, see my kids play in the waves, and just bask in the sights of creation. I can tell you I probably waited a bit too long, I let myself get a bit too stressed out and overwhelmed, and a bit too tired and cranky to my poor family.  IMG_1301
I am so grateful for yesterday- the weather was amazing, the waves were gigantic, and my kids were in heaven! As we made a game out of jumping the waves as a family, I revelled in appreciating the moment- cause they are going so fast- with a child just starting senior year I know these precious times are slipping by- and I will grab and hold everyone of them. We were so blessed in every moment- from the weather and waves, to the not so crowded beach, to the yummy dinner we stopped for- even to the songs on the radio that made us sing and laugh.
I work hard, and I love every minute of it- truly- ok except financials- you know taxes, billing, etc- yuck. But I LOVE my jobs.  But I will say I also love my time away from my jobs- and I’m feeling I need to do this just a little more. I am going to make a concerted effort this year to spend a little more time with my feet in the sand!


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