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Erase your Makeup


Erase that Makeup- A new way to cleanse!

Makeup Eraser:

I was pretty skeptical that this would actually work. DESPITE many of my pro makeup community raving about the results, ( I usually trust my fellow pros when they claim something is amazing, it usually is) BUT….I figured, sure it will remove makeup, but will my face actually FEEL clean. Your probably wondering what am I talking about?


The Makeup Eraser

Know as the makeup Eraser. This is the original, and I have seen a few alternate versions as well. This is not new, and has been on the market for many years. I try to steer clear of gimmicky things, and this kind of appeared to be in that category to me.

You can find this at Sephora, and even a mini version for only $12, at one of my favorite pro makeup stores ( and where I shop quite a bit) Camera Ready Cosmetics  They sell the full-sized version as well.

I actually have a version from a local pro only store, and like I said, I was skeptical. ( the Original – has a fun eraser shaped package which is pretty clever, I’m not gonna lie). Mine is a brand called Magic Washcloth.

In reading the directions the packaging claims the “Split microfibers in the Hydro Microfiber material, combined with warm water, act like a vacuum brush, breaking up the oils that bond makeup to the skin, while lifting and trapping residue and dirt. ”

To use this cloth you simply wet it, and rub over your face to remove makeup, that’s it. It says it even removes all traces of water proof makeup, as well. It’s a pretty standard looking microfiber cloth, and No you do not add any cleanser, there is not cleanser embedded in the cloth. Its water and microfiber fibers. That’s it.  You can see why I was skeptical, this thing has been out for years and I tried it only because it was a gift with purchase.

What’s the verdict you ask?

Yup, it works!

It gently, ( a very key word), removed all traces of makeup, including every last trace of mascara, AND it left my face feeling clean, but not stripped, or tight. I was pretty impressed, and frankly, a little blown away. I finished with my regular nighttime skin routine and voila’, that was it!

I cleaned the eraser by washing with a little soap I had on hand, rinsing well, and hung to dry. It lasts for hundreds of washes before It needs to be tossed into the washing machine, which refreshes it for more uses. They claim they don’t need to be replaced until after about 1000 washes!

I’m going to keep using this to see if I really want to replace my daily face cleanser, but so far, once again, my fellow pros were right and the makeup eraser is kind of a little miracle cloth! ( My pros, I never should have doubted you!)



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  1. Ann M Davis June 28, 2017 at 12:13 am #

    Great new info!!! thanks for sharing!

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