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Everyday Makeup Mistakes


Don’t be like Mimi

Everyday Makeup Mistakes Series

Ok, So as a professional makeup artist, clearly it is necessary that I Have SOME amount of skill at applying makeup. That, and some great training, as well as, hopefully a great eye for color theory, as well as texture, shape etc. A lot more goes into it than many people realize.

But I also need a critical eye. By that, I mean, I can use my refined eye to SEE where I need to apply makeup or enhance a certain feature, create or change texture, or downplay something or even attempt to subtract something. And yes we pros learn to look and assess pretty quickly. This is an important skill in this job, as we often have little time to accomplish most looks, and especially on set; time IS truly money.

That being said- going out into the “real world” with that same critical eye can sometimes be overwhelming. Yes, we notice your mistakes, or better said, how you could have done something BETTER to enhance your personal look.

I try very hard never to judge, I sort of “turn off” my critical eye as much as possible.      (otherwise watching tv, movies, or just being near people could get traumatic) But, Mostly because I have a “you do you” attitude about makeup. If you love it, and feel you look fantastic, then who am I to tell you differently. There is a LOT that is subjective about makeup, and personal taste plays a BIG role in what you choose. At the end of the day it’s just makeup, and it’s there to make you happy, so if you are- Ignore everyone else, including me- and “You do You!”

BUT: ( you knew there was a but in there right?)

I am going Start a new series on the everyday makeup mistakes I do tend to notice that I truly believe detract more from anyone’s look, rather than compliment it, and I will show you the solution or alternative look.

We’ll start with MY biggest pet peeve. Harshly drawn, unblended liner, whether around outside of eye or waterline or both. Especially when paired with nothing else, or just a little mascara.

Here’s why. That harsh line, especially in black or some other deep color is VERY harsh It outlines the eye in a way that calls attention to the makeup rather than your eye, and often cause the eyes to appear smaller and more closed off- Which is terrible for those with already small eyes.

unblended liner

unblended liner

That bottom thin scraggly line just bothers me on so many levels. Firstly, very few people can draw a completely even, perfect line ( and clearly she couldn’t either). This bottom liner doesn’t even taper. Nothing about this accentuates her eye shape or color. This actually makes her lower waterline the focal point due to the harsh contrast of color ( dark black vs. skin tone ) and texture (shiny wet) waterline. Her light blue eyes fade next to the dark liner drawing focus. I also don’t love the thicker wing on top (even though her tapering of it is pretty good, BUT she lost an opportunity to actually enhance her eye shape and color by just doing that wing. I also do not think winged liner is the best choice for an eye with some creepiness and the beginning of a hood development. I could continue to break this down further, but You can get my main point.

Here's one that's not terrible, but it's not good either. Is that what you want in your makeup? That it's not terrible?

Here’s one  liner sample that’s not terrible, but it’s not good either. Is that what you want in your makeup? That it’s not terrible?

This one, while not terrible, isn’t actually doing ANYTHING to enhance her look either. If you’re going to take the time to put on eyeliner, at least have it ACCENTUATE you- that’s sort of the point after all.

So what CAN you do?

Instead Try a bronzey brown liner (which I actually think can look amazing on ANY eye color) and SMUDGE it! That is the key, in fact that, to me should be the key word in every lay woman (or man’s) vocabulary for their everyday makeup. Smudgey. It ALWAYS looks better, softer, and more refined. It also tends to draw attention to the feature that it is used on, rather than on the makeup itself. Look at this amazing example of soft, stunning, smudgey eye makeup. The bronzey liner accentuates the blue. Paired with black mascara ( which adds the dark drama) on curled lashes and a hint of shimmer in the inner corner- THIS is the way to make this eye shape and color pop! The eye, in the first picture I posted, has a similar shape and color, and would look more like this- what a difference!

Kudos to whoever did her makeup!

Kudos to whoever did her makeup!

In the second pic where she had liner just the top lid, she would have been better to get a soft brown or plum or even charcoal liner pencil, and line the top lid like she has, then take a soft smudger brush and blend out the edges. I personally would also add just a pop of gold or sheer bronze or copper to the lid as well. I love liner just on the top sometimes, it can really help draw attention away from texture or discoloration or puffiness under the eye, but rather draw the eye up and open.

Smudge brushes

Smudge brushes Left Oval Smudge, Right Pencil brush- I carry both in my kit. You can find these at Sephora










Now I know heavily winged liner is a “thing” right now- and I DO love it as well. But just know going in it’s a “LOT of LOOK” and you need precision application to pull it off if you’re going with graphic, straight lines. I actually think this is another instance where  a smudged out wing  makes it more generally wearable. The smudged version is closer to how I wear my own personal makeup if I choose to do a wing.


Smudged out wing

Here's a wing well done- Strong, and hard lines, but exectued well.

Here’s a wing with Strong, and hard lines, but executed well. It’s a harder look to wear on a daily basis, and must Be perfected. It also works best on those without any droop, crepiness, and with a copious amount of lidspace.









So, at the end of the day there are certainly ways to “do things better” but really, if you are happy then wear your makeup however you like! I do know, as a pro, I get asked these questions ALL the time, so figured it would be valuable to share my professional advice on HOW to employ a little technique to your makeup application.

Let me know what makeup mistake YOU think you may be making- you may just make the next blog! And you can always submit your makeup questions for our Reader Q& A Series!

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