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How to Quickly fix that makeup mistake!

There may be that big boo boo that just can’t be easily undone- liquid liner raccoon eyes that get bigger and bigger as we “even” it out comes to mind. In that case it’s probably best to clean it off, and start over, BUT, many minor mistakes can oftentimes be easily fixed without much problem, or screwing up what you’ve already done.


Let’s start witht he MOST common one- Mascara on the lid- this happens to so many people ALL the time- whether you have teeny lashes and the wand gets too close, hitting the skin, or you have uber long lashes and when you open your eye it transfers to your skin. Either way, the best remedy is to actually let the mascara dry completely- then take a cotton swab and gently buff the mascara smudge right off. For a really stubborn mark, a tiny bit of moisturizer on the swab can help erase just that area. And if it has disturbed the concealer or foundation underneath, quickly use the warmth of your finger, the moisturizer left on the skin, and a gentle patting motion to tap, tap tap, the makeup back into place.




Liquid liner wing- Wings can be hard to get even, and also perfectly tapered from one eye to the other. Usually because you are reaching across your face for one eye, and using 2 different angles to acheive a wing, but also because rarely, are 2 people’s eyes exactly the same. To clean up a wonky wing- take that same cotton swab ( if it’s a pointed swab, even  better!) image_5737dip in a small amount of moisturizer, lay it horizontally to the skin next to the wing that you want to clean up. Face tip of swab downward- and swipe pulling upward in the direction wing should tilt. (common angle is toward the outer edge of the brow) For exacting precision you can place a piece of paper over all, but the overdrawn area, and use this method, it will help make a sharper edge.


Like This! Viola’ Mistake erased!


lip line crooked or smeared -For lip stick mistakes use a cotton swab with moisturizer to wipe away any smears and then use asmall concealer brush 1814_eyeliner-brush_zoom(flat works best- and try a square shaped one you may find it get into corners more easily) and lightly go around lipliner with a concealer

Concealer around lips help clean up a lippie smear!

Concealer around lips help clean up a lippie smear!

the same shade as your skintone or, no more than, one shade lighter= crisp, clean lip line! rush










Overdone blush: If you went a little overboard with the blush and you need to tone it down just a bit, here are a few options.  The first step you can easily try is to take a clean, fluffy brush and buff out the edges in a circular motion working your way into the center, until it’s softened.

Soft, Fluffy brush to buff away that Mistake!

Soft, Fluffy brush to buff away that Mistake!

Sometimes all you need is a mild dusting of a translucent powder to cut the harshness of a blush mistake. But for a bit more coverage, If you have used like based products, such as cream foundation with a cream blush, or powder foundation with powder blush- just dab a smidge more foundation over the blush and blend out. This is a also great technique to make your blush look like it’s glowing from within- and who doesn’t love that?!

These are just a few common makeup mistakes, What’s your most common makeup BooBoo?

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