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How to get ( and STAY) Holiday Pretty!

glowing, holiday skin

For This look I would use Fortunate Face Mineral’s Lover, mixed into uncolored cream base, for Cheek and Lip

Let Fortunate Face Minerals help you get Holiday Pretty!
Achieving a gorgeous holiday glow is certainly within the busy girl (or guys) grasp! Even in the season of rushing, stress, lack of sleep, not to mention cold temps, and drying indoor heat sources. All these can sap our skin of moisture and it’s luminosity. Here are a few simple steps to make that skin fall in line, and Glow like those twinkly ornaments decking your halls. (or glow like your Hannukah Menorah, or Kwanza Candelabra, whatever holiday you observe) you get the picture.

#1, and this will always be my number one, drink water. Period. Finite’! This will hydrate your skin from the inside out! It is necessary, and life-giving. Your body will shunt moisture to your vital organs first, and harsh weather will suck the rest from your skin- as will many artificial heat sources. I ADORE my gas fireplace- but oh boy- can I feel it literally sucking my skin dry! I love flavored sparkling seltzers- and they count with zero calories- so I indulge anytime- sans guilt! This is definitely THE advice to take in order for your skin to STAY Pretty, even after the Holidays!


Pretty Holiday Glow!

To get this look:
Fortunate Face Minerals foundation in your chosen shade (she would be W3 or W4)
Cheek & Lip color in Breathless Mixed into our Uncolored Cream Base
Bare Luster Highlighter on cheekbone
Romance All over entire lid up to brow bone
Blackest used wet as liner with our Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating & Setting Mist and a fine liner brush

#2 Wear sunscreen. spf 30. Especially if you are lucky enough to spend the holidays enjoying winter sports, or other outdoor activities. Glare off snow and ice are strong! look at this Gorgeous Chanel Sunscreen. 


Chanel Sunscreen to Protect your delicate skin, YES even in Winter!

#3 Consider changing the Type of makeup you use. If you are very oily- you may rejoice in the winter as your skin appears more “normal” But those who are combo, or dry- and especially mature skin- you may really feel the lack of moisture. Considering changing from a powder, or water based liquid foundation to a cream based, or liquid silicone based foundation. That MAY just be the change you need to add extra emollience- and create that, oft desired, dewy skin finish. I Adore, and carry in my kit, Face Atelier silicone based liquid makeup.

Pairing this with cream based blushes, creamy lip products- all tapped into skin with warm fingers can create a makeup routine that feels luxurious.
#4 Use thicker creamier moisturizing products. And look for hyuralonic acid as one of the ingredients. hyuralonic acid holds 400x it’s own weight in water, and packs it up against your skin cells. It temporarily plumps lines and wrinkles, and with consistent use, can dramatically approve their appearance. I love our Age Defy Serum for this, but there are MANY brands now adding this ingredient because it really is that good!
#5 Exfoliate. Be gentle. Use a Clarisonic, or your favorite scrub, even sugar (small particles) mixed into a creamy wax/oil based moisturizer (works great mixed with a lip balm for a lip scrub too!) Just be sure it is very gentle, harsh scrubs can often damage skin.

To add even more glimmer and shine- up the ante’ with sparklier shadows like silver, gold, or white. Use judiciously. They are especially beautiful just on lid or dabbed on the inner corner of the eye! And tell your man (or any loving gift giver) about how to get these holiday goodies for YOU!  They can order by emailing us at

FFM Holiday Package!

Our Holiday Gift Special!

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