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How to make Your Senior pic not suck!

A little advice from a mom who works in the fashion industry helping to create amazing photos! When it came time for my daughter to have hers done-I was spoiled for choice- but chose to go with the Always Amazing Sandra Costello- ( because she just KNOWS how to draw out someone’s personality, and help them have THE BEST TIME having their pics taken. Here are a few shots- and a tad bit of advice on the subject!



Wear comfortable, pretty clothes. Look like YOURSELF. Relax. Don’t TRY, just BE, in front of the camera- have a friend there who can make you laugh-  Your personality is what we need to see- we don’t care about you looking “hot”  If you’re already hot- you will still look hot, if your not- well, what do you expect? It’s a camera not a magic mirror, but you WILL look like yourself- and THAT is the actual point of senior pics.


When looking for a photographer- look at someone who when you see the pictures you KNOW the personality of that person in the picture. they look real, natural, and fun- or maybe quirky cause that’s who they are. Look for good lighting. The subject should actually appear 3 dimensional in the photo -meaning light is wrapping around them- not flat like in an overedited photo. They should have moles, and freckles. There should not be a slight “glow” around the image,nor should it be a perfectly “cut Out” outline around them.  and the skin should not look completely smooth and plastic.  And needless to say- though apparently it needs MUST be said- skin should be skin colored- unless it is black and white.  I know this may sound harsh but seriously- I have seen a lot of pretty awful senior pics recently- probably because my daughter has just had hers done.  Sandra Costello also did my best friend’s daughter’s pics last year, so I was doubly confident in the results. They are beautiful, they capture each girl perfectly- Jordyn in her athletic grace, and statuesque beauty. My daughter in her funny, and quirky personality, and beautiful, huge smile- who just loves to laugh.    (Jordyn & Kayleen Pictured Below)



THAT is what your senior pictures, heck any picture, outside of the fashion world (which usually has nothing to do with reality) SHOULD be!  About YOU!

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