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I want you to buy less makeup!

Yeah- you heard me!
I want you to buy LESS makeup…
Instead, how about making what you own, and love DO more!
Sound good?
Ok if you are an FFM user, you probably already know that just about anything can be used anywhere.
Because we use pigments, and micas, rather than dyes.
There isn’t a product in our line that isn’t safe for use in the eye area! WooHoo! Love that blush color? great, feel free use it as an eyeshadow.
No red #33 making it unsafe!
Read the top label of that jar- If it doesn’t say “not lip safe” dab in your finger and swipe that pretty shade right on those lips- follow with a little gloss or some balm and there you go, Lipcolor too! (my fave, and bestseller? Poppy!) Poppy but there are many fun eyeshadow that can be used on lips and cheeks as well!
Cream products, rather than powder, more your thing? (especially dryer skinned gals) mix anything into our uncolored cream base- and voila’ cream blush, cream foundation, cream correcting concealers, lipsticks you name it….
so maybe you love the powder products BUUUUUT under the eye a little texture shows and might exaggerate some fine lines- great take a little cream base on your finger and tap it right on over the area- instant melting, and looks just like skin! use it as a facial balm, lip balm, cuticle balm…endless!

Or Our Green Tea and Aloe Spray? Use to spray and set makeup and create a dewy finish.
But, did you know? One drop mixed with any of our shadow creates a water resistant liquid liner? Or spray your makeup buffing brush and swirl into cap with some mineral foundation for a water based application.
Airbrush? no problem simply mix foundation thoroughly into spray to use as airbrush foundation (.05-.08mm needle required- as we won’t use nano particles) As a makeup artist our creator wanted only products that not only held up to the rigorous demands of a professional artist, but also allowed the customization of EVERYTHING in the line.
Need a color that better matches a clients skin tone? or correcting?
Maybe Bittersweet, (my fave brow shade)



is just a tad too dark? just mix anything together to create a custom shade!
I often use a bit of their own foundation color to lighten bittersweet to the desired shade- but Nutmeg is a fabulous adjuster for redheads,Nutmeg and Charcoal Charcoalfor those with grayer brows.
In short Buy less and DO more with what you have-mix, anything, use almost anything, anywhere (labels will indicate if something is not lip safe)

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