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We are so happy to let you all know that we were featured in the current issue of INSPO Magazine. A European based Fashion magazine. Check it out here- INSPO page #37 is the feature on our products! But what makes this even MORE special- is that we were never supposed to be featured!

A call went out among a group of makeup artists that I am in on Facebook. They were looking for a naturally based cosmetics line. I took a chance and contacted The poster, a great mua named Lucy.

I wrote ” Lucy- I have a small indie line of cosmetics- called Fortunate Face Minerals. I developed them personally, and specifically to be usable in photos and film, while still be naYou can see them in action at my pro website Feel free to message me with any questions! Thank you! Karrie”

Now, I rarely approach fellow makeup artists about FFM, and certainly never ones I know don’t know personally. Mostly because mineral makeup is NOT a typical product that is ever readily accepted by pro makeup artists. Most brands are simply unsuitable for professional use, and they typically are unable to photograph, or appear on film well. SO when I make this claim, well, there are just going to be those that will never believe me. So, I do appreciate the ones that do, and are willing to not only keep an open mind, but try it for themselves!

So it was lovely when Lucy accepted my offer to send some samples over. She gave me the general theme of the shoot, and I sent quite a few shades/types that I thought could be used. There was a tiny snafu in that 1 jar in each baggie I sent had unscrewed and spilt (my sample jars aren’t as sturdy as my regular jars) but that’s also why I pack them in baggies! Luckily all but 2 items were completely fine!

A few days went by- and I get this message from Lucy:

“We have decided to do a whole page feature on your mineral makeup rather than just feature it in the shoots! It’s far too nice to be stuck in the credit pages. Could you send me high res images of your absolute favourite products with any written info you have? with prices xx”

Um. YEAH! I was so happy to read this. ANYTIME someone has a rave for FFM my heart does a little pitty pat. I cannot tell you what it means when I hear these things- its like a mom hearing how beautiful her baby is. Cause these are ALL my little babies! everyone, lovingly formulated by hand, oh, and  a scale, and some math.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.29.21 PMhere’s a screenshot of the page. Look at all our products! if you want to see it up close and personal then just click the actual link! and you can see in the avant garde beauty story where some FFM products were used.

and also right here- Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.32.54 PM where Lucy used Poppy (an all-time favorite) mixed into our uncolored cream base, and Duchesse Brown on her lids! I couldn’t be more thrilled, and honored, thank you Lucy, and all editors and staff at Inspo Magazine- you HAVE to check them out- some of the fashion in this issue is AMAZING!  Balenciaga, Moschino, Saint Laurent, Louboutin- just amazing designers! Also featured in an interview are the Chapman Sisters, Sam and Nic, of Pixiwoo fame (two super talented UK based makeup artists)  I love, and subscribe to their Youtube channel check them out here! Hmm maybe next I can get THEM to try some FFM!


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