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Is Airbrush Makeup Better than Traditional Makeup?




Another from our Reader Q & A.  Is Airbrush Makeup better than Traditional Makeup?

With a busy bridal season coming up, this will be a question on many people’s minds.

Now, I think I sound like a broken record when I answer this question with a, “Yes and No” ( I say that to you guys a lot don’t I?” But it’s true. Like ANYTHING else, it has its place. And I will explain.

Truy amazing makeup, is really all about the skill, technique, and training of the person performing the makeup application. Period. I know so many brilliant makeup artists, who all swear by all of the possible application methods. These artists are collectively amazing talents, and achieve flawless, long-lasting results, each using their preferred method.

Two of my favorite makeup artists, are also my very good friends, Christy Lavallee and Liz Washer. ( They are my makeup artist sisters) Both are amazing artists, as you can see from their bridal sites I linked.

Christy SWEARS by airbrush, and uses it almost exclusively, and frankly, her results show her to be right. But this is in no small part, because she has been trained, and in fact, now trains others, in airbrush. She is a master, and therefore, she can easily create makeup that is lightweight, flawless and lasts all day, (and even night). She understands both the tool, and the process.

Liz, is also equally talented, and uses airbrush, for pretty much every bridal party, as well. ( I have teamed up with both of these ladies on many a bridal party)  She too, achieves flawless, long-lasting makeup, and her skill is undeniable. ( you can see rave reviews at both of their websites).

Traditional airbrush gun style

Traditional airbrush gun style

Both ladies have invested time, and money into education, training, equipment, products, etc. But, both are just as talented at hand application, and that is due to their skill level, their talent, and refined artists’ eye. Both of these ladies invest a lot of time and money into continuing education in all aspects of makeup, so they can be the best overall artists they can be.

For me personally, I too, airbrush, and have for quite some time; particularly because brides often request airbrush. (when I team up with Liz or Christy I DO airbrush exclusively). If fact, I’m rather badass with my pistol grip airbrush gun. I call myself the Charlie’s Angel of airbrush makeup. ( just kidding, but not really) BUT anyone who knows me, Knows I just prefer hand applied makeup. It is a simply a personal preference in how I work. Since bridal is not my main focus, I often find that it’s really not a huge deal breaker to choose hand application.

My pistol Grip airbrush gun

My pistol Grip airbrush gun

There are definitely instances when skin needs come into play when making your choice. Some skintypes, or issues, just DO better with different application methods. One example is inflamed, sensitive skin, particularly heavily acneic skin. This type really does do best with airbrush application; as the less you touch the skin, the better it often feels and looks. You can achieve great coverage and not aggravate the skin further. This doesn’t mean hand application is the wrong choice here, just that airbrush MAY be a better one.

For dehydrated and heavily wrinkled skin, I personally prefer hand application. I really prep the skin well to add as much hydration as possible, then I like to push a creamy foundation into the skin to get the lightest, but fullest, coverage needed. I really appreciate the lushness I can achieve this way. Again, not saying airbrush can’t achieve this, but the artist’s preference is going to play a big role here.

Hand application

traditional  application

The main point of ALL of this, is it’s not the tool, airbrush, regular brushes, sponges, heck even your fingers. It truly all comes down to the skill and training of the artist doing the job. The best thing YOU can do as a consumer is look at their portfolio of work. Do you LOVE what you see? Does skin look like skin? If you’re a bride, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a makeup preview to ensure you love your makeup. And lastly, No makeup, no not even airbrush, is going to completely remove all imperfections from the skin. Makeup doesn’t work like that. It can absolutely cover color, it may soften, and improve texture, but no application style will obliterate pores, wrinkles, lines, pimples, etc.

Don’t forget to submit your makeup question either here, on our facebook page, or by email through our contact page. As always we include a free sample in every full sized order this week’s sample is Washed Denim a pretty, matte blue like your favorite well worn,  faded blues jeans.

Washed Denim Eyeshadow

Washed Denim Eyeshadow



2 Responses to Is Airbrush Makeup Better than Traditional Makeup?

  1. Annie Robins April 24, 2017 at 1:16 am #


    I just discovered you and your website about a week ago, and I must tell you, that I have been reading every word, and every blog post and i am just amazed and so delighted to now be enlightened and introduced to Fortunate Face Cosmetics!!!! I am like a sponge, and want to absorb every tip from you! I literally have a notepad and have been writing things down! ( the nurse in me)…….also, I will place my order with you in the am, now that you have so kindly responded to a few questions that I had about the correct shades to pick. However, this is my question to you after reading this post…….. how do you best achieve ” pushing the product” into your skin? I also recently saw a you tube video by Wayne Goss, and he also said this is the key to achieving the perfect flawless face. I wanted to know what tools you use to do this????and for how long….and…any tips on the pushing technique itself? Again, I am excited that I found you and cannot wait to begin using your foundations! Thank you, kindly Annie

    • Karrie Welch May 3, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

      Annie- this is another great question- and it deserves it’s own blog post! I know I gave you a few pointers on Fb- but let me work on a post or even better a video on this!

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