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Makeup Artist Guest Post: Ash Crist

Guest poster: Professional Makeup Artist, Ash Crist.

Ash has been a friend, and makeup artist colleague, for many years now. She has always given me great feedback on FFM, and even taught me a few new ways to use it! I am proud that my products make her job as a makeup artist easier, and that she continues to stock her kit with my products. I asked her to write a bit for you, since hearing from another pro, about HOW she uses, manipulates, and appreciates the products can often be more valuable to you, than just taking my word for it. Thank you Ash!

Fortunate Face mineral makeup is a staple in my kit, and the (pardon the pun) foundation of my skin work. I have been using these products on myself, as well as most of my actors, models, and corporate clients, for almost five years, and it has simplified my job, astronomically.

I do a decent amount of indie feature work, occasional day play, and do interview and promotional gigs for TV, and a ton of commercial/brand promotion work for online platforms, billboards, and TV commercials; I use Fortunate Face products on almost every person seen on camera. Clean makeup, including men of all ages, is my bread and butter, and everyone remarks about how much this product looks like skin and feels so light.

The foundation is the creamiest powder foundation I’ve ever worked with. It can be applied dry, or mixed with creams (check out the uncolored cream base) or other products to make the product apply wet. I just tried it with Kryolan makeup blend, and it’s pretty amazing as a liquid foundation.

FF minerals can be spot-retouched, without leaving lines of demarcation, saving so much time during a long day on set…your actor ate a big slice of greasy pizza for lunch, and now her chin is stained with sauce? Just cleanse the affected area with micellar or a makeup wipe, dab a touch of skincare into the area, then reapply the foundation; it blends seamlessly. This foundation does not stain costuming, and once set on the skin, has a water-resistant quality…your actor can cry, then reset with a quick blotting. These properties are extremely important, because I primarily work in a hot, humid climate, including many beach shoots.

Cream Base

Uncolored Cream Base can make any product a Cream!

I have used these products for emergency concealment of more than just pimples and broken capillaries: one 7 year old, blonde, very pale commercial actress came to me between setups with angry, welty scratches all over her face, courtesy of her little brother, also cast in the ad. After calming the scratches with a solution to reduce the swelling, I still had to address the hot pink line work all over this porcelain- faced child. A bullet crease brush, tapping tiny amounts of FF minerals Prep Step 1 along the scratches, worked like a magic wand. I refer to that item as my “magic eraser” so often, I just now had to refer to the website to confirm the actual name of the product. I have used this product to build skin onto an area in which all the top layer was torn off…one lady had matching red, recessed ovals of missing skin, on her browbones , from a botched waxing job, where she was burned…another, a supporting actress in a feature I was keying, had scraped a nickel-sized area of skin off of her chin in the hotel pool, the evening before. I cleansed with a calming, antimicrobial solution, then applied an over the counter antibiotic cream, heavily, to the scabby red areas of missing epidermis. Starting with a shade deeper, and warmer than their actual skin, I pressed FF minerals into the cream, setting the first layer with translucent sheer, then “built” a new layer of “skin” in the proper shades. In all of my uses of this line on traumatized skin, ( I stipple this product on many sunburned faces, every year to neutralize the redness, as well) there has never been an adverse reaction of infection; this line is mild, has minimal ingredients, and no perfume. I adore Fortunate Face products, and honestly don’t know what I would do, without them.










I can attest to the beauty, and undetectable makeup that Ash does! To see more, or to hire her, find her here: Ash Crist

Here are a few of Ash’s video’s using FFM!

Ash’s Commercial: Duke Energy  search?q=duke+energy+commercial++more&&view=detail&mid=6B9BF45112BE4460930C6B9BF45112BE4460930C&&FORM=VRDGAR

Ash’s Commercial: Wilmington Dermatology

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  1. Olivia April 12, 2018 at 1:12 am #

    Great post, Ash! Ash and I have worked together on set the past few years. I can assure you that what you’re seeing isn’t camera tricks or editing magic. She’s the best.

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