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Makeup the Pros Use

Boy, I am on a roll today, so much to share!

I love, love, love minerals makeup!
Despite what some believe, there are mineral products than can actually be used professionally. I use mineral makeup won photoshoots with great success.

Sometimes though, only the old-fashioned stuff will do.
So i fall back on the old reliables RCMA, Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, and LaFemme.

If you’re not familiar, and you’re probably not unless you’re in the biz, these lines have been used in Hollywood and the
fashion industry for years, some for as many as 50+ years, so they have stood the test of time. Vincent Kehoe a well renowned
makeup artist & creator of the RCMA line, has his own schools in Ca & Fla, and has authored or co-authored several professional
makeup technique texts.

Anyway I am going to periodically give you some products outside my own line (though my stuff is killer!) that you may want to
try, just because they’re fabulous & most of them are under $10! I posted a link to makeup mania at the top of the blog, but you can
just Google them. Eva, who runs it is fabulous & also a pro makeup artist. She’s chosen some really great items to carry & everything
is so affordable.

My recommendation of the day is La Femme Cake mascara.

This is the best mascara you will ever own! I love Maybelline Great Lash & Max Factor 2000 Calorie, there is no denying their greatness. T
his cake mascara, however, is dry, you add water or a special sealer you can buy separately for waterproofing, add 1-2 drops swirl mascara
spoolie , let set 20seconds, & apply.

You can easily do 2 coats to each eye! NO CLUMPS! but here’s the key Do NOT RE DIP AFTER APPLYING! If you always dip & swirl w/ a
pristinely clean spoolie, you can keep this cake for about 1 year!!!!!!! If you contaminate it, sorry regular mascara rules apply,
& toss after 2 months. for this price either is a great option. I love this stuff so much, that I am formulating a mineral cake version
w no parabens, but production of this will be awhile.

P.S. the sealer waterproofs my minerals too! you did know that you can use minerals as liner too right! Even on your waterline, these things are versatile!!

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