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Makeup Questions: Makeup item you won’t do without?



There are a lot of beauty related questions out there, and, as not only a cosmetics formulator, but as a professional makeup artist, our founder Karrie Welch, really loves answering those questions. She’s going to tackle a few in the next several posts, but we also want to encourage all of you readers to submit your own questions here, in the comments, and she will try to answer them all!

Today’s beauty question: Is there one makeup item you don’t leave the house without?

Ok, this is a tricky one. It used to be (in my younger years) EVERYTHING! and that was true. I really never left the house without my full makeup routine completed. I enjoyed both the experience and the outcome, and just treated it as my daily routine.

Nowadays, however, with a much busier schedule I can, and DO, leave the house with no makeup on. I know I am not looking 100% my best, BUT I also have a much surer sense of self, that I don’t actually care as much either.

Realistically though, my one “must have product” is a good, full coverage foundation. I have some sun damage spots from tanning in my younger days, and a bit of redness down the center of my face. I find a nice, full coverage foundation offers a blurring of those, covers that mild redness, and can often add a healthy glow to my skin.

Warm 5 Mineral Foundation

Warm 5 Matte, Full coverage, powder, mineral        foundation- My Shade

I can also use different types, such as a water based liquid, to add a boost of hydration to the skin, or a cream based, to increase oil and proved a waxy barrier to prevent moisture evaporation in dry winter climes. If my skin appears a bit rough textured, I can choose a silicone based foundation to “smooth” and soften. Powder foundation is great, not only for oil control, but also for its super, lightweight feel.  There are so many great choices of foundation out there that you truly can treat your skin to whatever it needs that day.

What is your Can’t live without it product? submit your question or answer in the comments or at

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