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Think you can’t use mineral makeup for HD…think again.

Blue Screen ShootBy now you’ve probably all heard of HD  or High Definition makeup.

With the advent of HD cameras, which has 6x the pixelation of a regular camera,the makeup industry has had to adjust HOW makeup is created AND applied.

These high definition images, whether still or motion, show true skin texture and color. It is no longer enough to color adjust, but texture now must be
refined as well. Very few of us have perfect skin, and that includes models and actresses as well. Makeup companies are now learning what mineral
companies have known for years, mineral makeup IS HD makeup!
If you look at the ingredients of the most popular high end HD makeup lines you’ll see that minerals are the main ingredients. Mica, specifically
Serecite mica, and Silica Microspheres are the two most lightweight ingredients that blur lines, pores & skin imperfections, and reflect light away
from any of these problems, all without creasing, settling & adding weight or texture to the skin, thereby allowing for the most natural appearance available in makeup.
Before investing a lot of money in the prestige brands of high def makeup, checkout & compare the ingredients of some of the smaller
boutique mineral companies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the money you can save for the very same product!
One the the most famous HD Setting powders is 100% Silica!
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