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My favorite Affordable Mascaras, Hands Down!

Affordable can’t be applied to many things nowadays, but these two gems are, and always will be, a staple in my pro makeup artist kit.

Picture of a basic setup, you can see both, ready and waiting!


1 Maybelline great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black- anywhere from $3.95 (what I JUST paid at Walmart) – $5.50 each. This is a slightly wet formula that I swear by for Clean beauty looks, and gals who want very natural looking makeup. It coats, and darkens the lashes without adding volume or thickness. I love that it just doesn’t clump, and the brush is compact and easy to fit into smaller eye sockets. Both waterproof and regular are fabulous, though I usually am only using waterproof. There is a reason this has been around for a million years!

Hint* for paler skin, lashes, and lighter eyes- using a brown black can be softer and more natural looking.

L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black-from $4.95- $9.00 this formula adds great volume to the lashes (hence its name) I find this really increases the thickness of natural lashes, and is an ideal formula when using false lashes to bind, and blend the falsies with the natural lash.  This formula really doesn’t clump, and if any excess bit blots, I find it is typically user error rather than formula error. To prevent this, when removing mascara wand (I always use disposables) I blot the tip to remove excess before applying to lashes, and usually prevents any extra that needs to be combed out. It also stays “Wet enough,” long enough, to get two thorough coats.

Hint* to enhance eye color take a complimentary shade of eyeshadow and brush over tips of still wet lashes (ie, blue eyes use copper/bronze, Green use purple, and brown a deep indigo looks amazing!) who needs colored mascara!


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