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October and the Ubiquitous Big Pink Ribbon

Yeah, you know the one.

We all see it, all month long. Oops there’s another one. I get kind of sick of seeing them, I get REALLY sick of seeing them plastered on any ole merchandise. AND I get REALLY, REALLY tired of seeing them associated with anything, or any product that I KNOW is not producing one DIME in the fight for actual breast cancer RESEARCH and and Patient care.
Here’s a link to another great post about this
You probably feel the same, I know. For me, it’s personal.
Oct 6th, marks the 13th anniversary of my mom’s passing from breast cancer. I still miss her everyday.  My husband had already lost his mom, Andre’ to breast cancer in 1975 at only 36 years old. She left behind 4 young children, including my husband. She was diagnosed when pregenant with him.
Our Sister in law Diane also passed from Breast cancer in February of 1997, leaving a husband and 4 year old son.
Lastly my brother- in law Tom, who had been Diane’s husband, now remarried to an amazing woman with 5 kids of her own- was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2009- and yes I said BREAST CANCER.
After that my husband was tested and found he was BRCA2 positive for the breast cancer gene. As were his siblings who were tested.
I don’t tell you this to depress you, Yes I worry that my children have inherited this gene. Testing won’t be done until 21 years of age, yes it’s sad, yes I worry about my husband, and brother’s in law.  I miss my mom, I’m sad that I never got to meet my mother in law, and to know my sister in law better.
This story seems depressing, so much loss and sadness, but there IS good to come from all this. Tom proves that finding out early CAN save your life. His surgery and recovery were easier because he took immediate action. My husband, all siblings, and their children, can be tested, & take measures to prevent, and find early treatment for any cancer diagnosis. They can be survivors, rather than victims.
I am proud of Tom for being proactive in his health, for BEATING this cancer, and living a meaningful life. I am grateful that I tested negative for the gene, and that my niece did as well.  And I am hopeful.
Hopeful that it CAN be beat! Hopeful that my kids will also test negative.
and I am grateful
yes, grateful.
I have my husband here. I had my mom for 32 years of my life. She met 2 of her grandchildren, she saw me walk down the aisle, she got to know and love my husband as much as I did.
It was through her, that I first heard of the Rays of Hope.
When my mother was undergoing her 5 years of treatment, the Rays of Hope provided services and comforts to her experience. Not only do they raise money for ongoing research, the rest of the funding goes directly to the patients and families struggling with cancer. My mother received everything from a simple lunch or hand and foot massage during 6 hours of chemotherapy, to counseling services, exercise & dietary programs.
There are grief counseling for families who have suffered loss, and much more. These offer more than, the often nebulous hope of, “a cure someday” which we ALL still pray fervently for, but also practical, real world help to patients and families embroiled in the quagmire of cancer. From the first year since her diagnosis, when my mother asked my brothers, father, and I to walk with her in the Rays of Hope walk, to her last, when we all pushed her the 2 mile distance in her wheelchair, we, as team Mother’s Little Helpers found tremendous support in raising whatever funds we could. I was both touched, and grateful to experience the love with which ALL my wonderful in-laws enthusiastically joined the walk and fundraising efforts.
Then in 2010 Tom was asked to be the Rays of Hope  Spokesperson, and he enthusiastically embraced that role.
Well that time of year is back- and the focus is turning once again to Breast Cancer awareness, and I am going to ask you a favor. When you donate, because I know ALL you generous people do! PLEASE know where that money GOES! MANY claims of research just go into the coffers of toplofty, and well paid executives.  AND, product purchases, typically garner even LESS money going anywhere near help, or research for breast cancer.
I absolutely LOVE the generosity I see from people, I see it all the time! But now I want us to give SMART!
That being said I ALSO am going to put my money where my mouth is- and give. For the month of October (and yes this will be retro until the 1st), 10% of all profit  will go directly to The Rays of Hope Foundation.  So if you’ve been waiting to order- now’s a good time. The more we make, the more we donate- and don’t you worry- I already know I’m padding that check with a bit extra just from me and my family too!

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  1. Mary Curran October 7, 2014 at 5:00 pm #

    Wow Karrie, you certainly have the right to be passionate about this subject. I’m so sorry for the suffering this awful disease has caused you. Companies who put pink ribbons on merchandise simply to “jump on the bandwagon” are de-valuing the purpose of the “campaign”. Donating to Rays of Hope is a sure way to put your money to good use. Thanks for sharing how they were a comfort and support in your Mom’s life.

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