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Pantone Color of the Year 2016

Pantone, the arbiter of color trends, has chosen its color, or should we say colors of 2016. They are:

Pantone Colors of the year 2016

Pantone Colors of the year 2016


Going to be REALLY honest here. Not. A. Fan.

I completely understand, and applaud the sentiment behind the choice of gender equality, and I even saw a post about embracing a softness due to a time of such social unrest. I get it- I don’t even hate the colors per se.

BUT in makeup- these colors are just ok. This pink maybe as a sheer lipgloss- fine, but blush- honestly, it’s a tad insipid. It’s just too pale to truly warm up and brighten a skin tone. As eyeshadow, maybe if it has a slight shimmer it could be a decent wash of color, but again the cool undertone would make me reach for a pink with a little more oomph. Pantone claims it’s a warm pink, but I really don’t see it- when paired on their page with other warmer shades it goes well, but I just don’t see the actual “warmth” and, unless pairing as a shadow with other warmer colors,  would truly reach for so many other shades first.

French Pink

French Pink Blush

and yes I even have a light pink (named French Pink) but the undertone is less blue and more warm/flesh- again giving life to skin, rather than sapping vibrancy. Same for pretty much any of my light pink shadows.

In fact, The ongoing trends in makeup have NOT been leaning in this direction that Pantone has predicted.

Instead, we have been seeing bold lips in all sorts of shades from red to burgundy hues, and the nude lip will always be a hit. Metallics are huge, and in my opinion, never go out of style.

Instead, my suggestion is to keep these Cool, soft Pantone shades to your wardrobe and accessories, and let the bolder shades stand out in your makeup- perhaps a matte burgundy lip with this soft, serene pink.

Matte Burgundy Lip

Matte Burgundy Lip

This lip could look amazing with a pretty pink cashmere sweater; or something that shade of pink, that is also heavily textured for great visual impact.

How about a metallic silver swept on the lids paired with a print wrap dress with that cool periwinkle blue. I would love a gorgeous pair of wool slacks in that blue with a creamy top, and silver lids. I would also pair with metallic jewelry in rose gold.


Sliver eye

Sliver eye

Notice the lip is either berry (like Adriana Lima) or more warm with a hint of peach undertone rather than blue.

Again, Pantone  may be seeing these shades as a trend in clothing, and usually home styling  follow, but I will be surprised to see these become a strong trend in cosmetics, beyond gloss, and lipstick simply because they are less flattering to the average complexion than SO many other colors.

As always we have a sample included in every full sized order- this time it’s- you guessed it- French Pink!

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