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Q& A- If You Could Only Have 1 Blush, What Would it be?

Bare Luster

So this is a fun one from our reader Q & A series.  The question is If you could only choose ONE shade of Blush, what would you choose?

For me it’s easy- It would be my shade of Poppy. And not just for myself, but actually for my kit as well. ( though I would be really sad if I couldn’t have more than 1 blush in my pro makeup kit)

The reason being this particular shade (and similar color in other brands) is the perfect mix of Peach/Pink, that flatters almost every skin tone. (and Yes, deeper skin tones as well!)



This shade in neither too yellow undertoned, nor too red undertoned. Because of that, this shade won’t pull more red/pink, on someone who doesn’t need more redness added. (such as someone already covering rosacea) or pull too peach/orange to Make someone with sallow skin look even more washed out and jaundiced.

In all cases your blush is intended to give a flush of color that creates a healthy glow to the skin.  And,  preference definitely comes into play, in texture (cream, powder), sheen (matte, shimmer, etc.), and price point.

I have a few pro brands in my kit with similar tones, but I’m going to list a few great commercial brands that you can find as well.

Clarins Multi Blush from Macy’s  How gorgeous is this?!

Clarins Multi Blush in Peach

Clarins Multi Blush in Peach $30.00

Makeup Forever Peachy Pink ( the online pics do not do most of these colors justice, especially this one) ANd makeup Forever is a reliable pro brand that can be found commercially, Danny Sanz, the creator, is a French pro makeup artist with an impressive career, so you know her stuff performs!


MUFE $26.00

Loreal Visible Lift A little more sheen, but a truly pretty color- and worth a try at under $10!

Loreal Visible Lift In-Coral Lift $9.97 from Walmart

Loreal Visible Lift In-Coral Lift $9.75 from Walmart


And yes Poppy $17.00 at Fortunate Face Minerals.

I personally prefer mine as a matte- A few pictured have a slight sheen, But not so much that it’s overwhelming. I also really like mixing Poppy into our uncolored cream base, to make it a nice cream blush, which adds an extra layer of sheen to the skin. Like I did here on Liane our gorgeous cover model! ( it also then makes it a lip color too!)


Bare Luster

Poppy Cream Blush.

So on that note- The free sample of the week is Poppy! ( included with every full sized order)



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