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Q&A Series: What Do YOU use to remove your Makeup?

Cleanse your makeup off each night!

Cleanse your makeup off each night!

Q & A Series: What do YOU use to remove your makeup?

That’s a Great question, because, as much as I love putting makeup on, I know just how important it is to take it off!

Yes, you MUST remove your makeup every night. Really. Please, just do it. There are so many pollutants, irritants, pollen, etc- pretty much your whole day, ALONG with your makeup, on your skin, at the end of the day. And it all needs to come off. Gently.

I used to be guilty of stripping my skin, way back in my teenage days, ( I believe that was the Pliestocene Era), when I was super greasy girl. Nowadays, I opt for a gentle cream cleanser.  I do change my routine as the seasons change, but warm weather is here, and so my skin’s needs are pretty simple.

I remove mascara, prior to cleansing my face,  using a waterproof mascara remover I love Shaklee remover, the stuff is amazing, looks and feels like water, yet gently removes every trace of waterproof makeup. Lancome Bi-facil is also a great one, and you can even try plain old olive oil if that’s all you have on hand.

I’ve spoken of it before Alba Botanicals Coconut Cleanser– and, maybe, 1- 2 times per week, I may use the Pineapple Enzyme cleanser. I found daily use of the Pineapple was too exfoliating to my skin, and I was getting flakiness. (which is unusual for me). You may have to try a few things until you find what works for you.



Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser


Coconut Milk Facial Cleanser










I cleanse every evening, and I truly rely on my Clarisonic. The gentle, sonic exfoliation, keeps my skin feeling smooth, and helps remove every trace of makeup.  I actually got this one ( pictured below) at Ulta, with the Mario Badescue skin care samples. I’ll weigh in on those at another time, but I am a fan of a lot of their products.)

This is the set I bought at Ulta recently

This is the set I bought at Ulta recently


After My face is clean, I rinse. I make sure to use warm, not hot, water. (very important) I pat dry, but leave damp. I immediately follow with my Age Defy Serum. I made this, because it has all the ingredients I want for MY skin, in it. Especially Hyurolonic Acid, to hydrate and plump those lines. But it has other great ingredients, like peptides, plant extracts, retinol, & Niacinimide. I just love what this does for my face.

Age Defy Serum

Age Defy Serum

I then pat in a lightweight eye cream, just in the undereye area, and use a moisturizing balm on my lips.  Voila’, ready for bed!

So How do YOU take off your makeup?

As always we give a free sample with every full sized order: this week’s sample is Age Defy Serum, naturally.


2 Responses to Q&A Series: What Do YOU use to remove your Makeup?

  1. Dominique July 10, 2016 at 5:57 am #

    I use organic coconut oil to remove my make up then a homemade apricot face scrub (sometimes I steam my face while the scrub is on).

    • Karrie Welch July 11, 2016 at 5:56 pm #

      Dominique, I LOVE steaming my face! I have a personal face steamer and after using it my face always looks amazing!

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