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Relax, your Cosmetics aren’t trying to kill you!


Because- SCIENCE!

Great article– with a lot of Science balanced by Great Common sense!  Because at the end of the day, you can be allergic to anything, anywhere, at anytime!

Seriously, I don’t even necessarily agree with everything he is saying,  and I tend to err on the side of, until it’s PROVEN completely safe with many actual scientific studies I can read, and been around awhile, I won’t put it in my stuff or use it. Hence, why I choose different preservatives over parabens. But he does bring the attitude of “Well, let’s look at this really, and bring some actual science into the mix here.” Just “avoiding chemicals” is not a solution, as EVERYTHING is a chemical! Yes, you heard me, water is a chemical. Look at the definition below, in bold.

“chem·i·cal (kĕm′ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to chemistry.
2. Of or relating to the properties or actions of chemicals.
3. Of or relating to chemical weapons: chemical warfare.
1. A substance with a distinct molecular composition that is produced by or used in a chemical process.
2. A drug, especially an illicit or addictive one.

I do love him urging people to write to or call companies if you have a concern. I respond to people who email asking questions about the products because I love that they truly want to know! I take great care in choosing each and every ingredient, Including researching WHERE  the ingredients are from, and how they are treated, formed, etc. ( I seriously geek out over it usually until I see people’s eyes glaze over.)  This passion even spurred the name of the Company- Fortunate Face- because I am Fortunate to be able to do what I love so much, and YOU are Fortunate because I truly care and research extensively, plus use my science and lab background, to bring you only the best. I give you what I want to wear on my own face!

BUT I just love his common ass sense about this. Please figure out WHAT works and doesn’t work for YOU, especially if you have an allergic reaction; and ASK questions and learn about a company’s reputation and transparency YES!  Seriously, you can’t just jump on every band wagon of  “this ingredient is the devil!” Just google Mineral Makeup Dangers and you get over 56,000 results. But, like most other things, the ingredients in these products vary wildly, some use nano particles, some not (we’re firmly in the not category and you can read why here.), some use Bismuth Oxychloride (again, in the not category) yet some people have no problem with this ingredient.  I’ve said before Look at a comapny’s website, and labels and make sure they list all ingredients, and if you have questions, ask.

Even “natural” things, ( poison ivy is natural) and even something you have used 100 times, and now on the 101st you show a sensitivity, or even outright anaphylactic reaction. THAT is the nature of allergies- You aren’t allergic, until you are. Typically from a buildup of exposure- then histamines build up, and your body screams “No more!” and you have an allergic reaction. For some, like my son, it happens the very first time; he is DEATHLY allergic to bees and wasps. For others it happens slowly, even over decades.

I hear, all the time, in my makeup chair when I ask “do you have any allergies to anything I need to be aware of?” “Oh, I am sensitive, or allergic too such and such a product.” I ask what, in particular, about that product, and 99% of the time the people have NO idea. If you have a reaction to something, you truly need to figure out what, and avoid that ingredient. His quote, “but listening to your own body and what it is telling you is a highly underrated skill.” is spot on accurate! Most people aren’t allergic to everything about a product, but more likely 1 ingredient IN the product. Also, since ingredients often cross over the categories of makeup, foods, and medications, you may be exposed in more areas than you suspect.

I will say the first place I would start looking is the “fragrance” also labelled as Parfum, because according to the FDA it can mean up to about 1500 different ingredients. Now, even in all natural companies will use this, as they don’t want to give out their proprietary blend of say- essential oils that are used to scent their products- so it’s not always hiding “bad” ingredients, BUT if you react- you need to avoid them just the same. ( it’s also why we actually list whatever essential oils we use, so people can know exactly what’s there- as you can be allergic to essential oils as well)

images-109 Liquid-Soap-Lable


Here is an article giving a generalized description of what the allergy symptoms may appear like. Makeup Allergy Symptoms. Starting an elimination process and adding back one ingredient at a time is going to be the preferred method, or simply sticking to what you already know works as well.  If it persists, seeing a doctor is ALWAYS a good idea, as they have methods to truly breakdown what is causing your issue, and they can guide you in the elimination process.

This pretty much describes me to a T!

This pretty much describes me to a T!

Ok- this week’s sample with any full sized order is Scandalous a coppery bronze brown shadow that I just love!


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