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The Secret of 5 Minute Makeup

With a little planning and good products, you can look your best on even your busiest day. Here are a few tips to getting a pulled together look when you don’t have time to spare.

5 minute makeup

1. Concealer is a woman’s best friend!

The trick to using concealer efficiently is to use a colored corrector made for the specific issue you need to address. If you have blemishes and redness, a yellow-toned mineral concealer like our Prep- Step will cover it quickly. You can use It all around the eye to conceal dark circles. Because of the yellow tones, you can also use it to cover blemishes. It can even be used to prime eyes for loose mineral eyeshadows. It’s the Swiss Army knife of concealers! (1 minute)

2. A Fast Foundation

If you happen to have amazing perfect skin then you may be able to skip foundation all together. If however, you happen to be actual human female, odds are you’re going to need a little help. Taking the time to use a good mineral concealer means that you’ll need less time and product during the foundation step. Mineral foundations can save even more time. Swirling the highly pigmented powder over the skin only takes a minute or two. Mineral foundation has the additional benefit of being water resistant and long-wearing so you won’t have to spend time touching up. (1 minute)

3. Warm it up

Depending on your skin tone you may find that you want to add a bit of warmth back into the skin. A quick once over with a matte bronzer will add life back into your face without adding a strong color. (30 Seconds)

4. Groom those brows

Using an angled brow or eyeliner, run a bit of powder through your brows in a color that is a little lighter than your hair color. Avoid colors that have too much red in them. Even if you’re a redhead, your eyebrow color should be a neutral tone. Otherwise you may find the area around the brows appear irritated. (30 seconds)

5. Curly Girly

Curl your eyelashes opens your eyes and make you look more awake. This is especially true if you have hooded eyes or mono lids. (1 minute)

6. Stay kissable

Smooth on a tinted a lip balm. (30 Seconds)

7. Lock it in

Makeup setting sprays are a great way for the girl on the go to lock in her makeup and avoid touch ups on even your bushiest day. Try our Green Tea & Aloe Facial Misting Spray for makeup that lasts all day and skin that glows. (30 seconds)

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