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Luxury Sheer



Luxury Sheer 25 gram jar, net wt. 5 grams $35.00
Apply Sheers as you would any face setting powder by pressing with puff into skin, or lightly dusting all over, and sweeping off any excess. Women with oily skin can
benefit from a coating or Translucent Sheer prior to foundation for maximum oil absorption, and pore minimizing. Translucent Sheer creates a gorgeous veil, blurring skin’s surface imperfections. Our other sheers offer the same benefits and more. Banana Sheer is perfect to tone down redness, while Sheer Warmer offers a delicate warm glow, while Deep Sheer has the perfect orange tones to compliment and brighten the deepest skin tones. Our luxury Sheer provide pure silk and pearl powders, as well as 1 karat of 100% diamond powder which slows the reflection of light, and refracts & reflects back red and blue tones more quickly- the glowing colors of youthful skin!
Luxury Sheer Ingredients: Serecite Mica, 100% Silk Powder, 100% Pearl Powder, 100% Diamond Powder, Silica. May Contain: Oxides, Ultramarines