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Stop Buying Lies!


Ladies (and gents) you are being lied to.

and what’s worse you are PAYING people to lie to you. often over, and over again.

It’s not because you’re dumb, it’s not because you like people lying to you, it’s because it has become so ingrained in us to be bombarded DAILY with lies, that we no longer even Recognize them for what they are.

It’s called “marketing”

Anyone can pay a great marketing team to figure out a clever way to say amazing things about a brand that will make you want, and maybe even NEED to buy it. But does that mean it actually does whatever these ads are claiming it does? Nope.

what’s worse- we are SO convinced by slick marketing ads, “consumer” results (prob fake, or paid for) Over enhanced video and pics ( yes very edited pics and videos- and if you think you can’t edit video, think again) Also bought and paid for “independent testing and research” and Pseudo scientific wording, and even downright false advertising (hello- false lashes in mascara ads? ) never mind the “gurus” that are filtered and enhanced to death to hawk the latest glitzy makeup product sent to them free by some makeup company just praying it goes viral. When people can no longer tell what is a real face, with real skin texture, over thick (if you saw it in person you would be disgusted) cakey makeup that gives the false appearence of “Flawlessness”

All of these convince you, that this stuff MUST work, AND, despite you NOT actually achieving the promised results, you KEEP buying these products thinking that it MUST be working right? If so and so says it works- just look…and this can be anything from your favorite star, to your viral youtube guru to an Instagram artist, to those super slick print ads, and even HOW salespeople look, act, and talk.

Last week, I had another over 50 client coming for a lesson with that yellow moisturizer stuff- and saying how, “well no, it doesn’t really work, but I’ve been using it since the 80’s.” This brand has slick marketing down- not in- your- face- but rather the, “Well of course we absolutely know what we are talking about, so don’t question us kind of marketing.” They were one of the first to introduce the idea of “clean” makeup and pseudo science-y, lab coated sales people. I bought this stuff back in the 80’s too- thinking, “great, a non-greasy moisturizer for my super oily skin!”. 1 bottle, bleh, never bought it again. it didn’t do anything “dramatic” then, and in my opinion nothing has changed. I have yet to speak with a client who claims it actually made any improvements to their skin. Look, you may love it- more power to you. But, IF nothing “dramatic” is different with your skin- then maybe it’s time to ditch that product?


“it’s all science-y and stuff”


I’m going to tell you straight out- and this may be (though it shouldn’t be) radical thinking- if the stuff doesn’t work- in the first bottle, tube, jar, whatever- never buy it again, Yeah that includes Fortunate Face Minerals! Stop giving them your money, and finds something else that DOES work for you. And that can be different for every person- what works for some or one, may not work for another. You may have to keep looking, you may have to try different products and invest a little effort into this process. You may want to pay a professional for a consult to help you wade through the morass of products.

But I am going to say flat out- if a company has outright lied- STOP rewarding them with your money. Aren’t you TIRED of being lied to? Women I talk to are exhausted! I am sick of the newest, latest greatest whatever to come down the marketing highway, shoved in our faces, and called the fountain of flawless youthfulness. 99% of the crap is just not true!


Marketing lies


If you are over 30- you are not going to see all signs of aging magically disappear, you are not going to see everything tightened, firmed, minimized, diminished, oblitereated without medical intervention. If you have age spots- the ONLY way to make them go permanently, is medically. The only way to make them go away with makeup is by meticulous, corrective makeup application; and that means spot, by spot, by spot, and that takes time and talent to accomplish without creating a fake looking mask of makeup.

Stop buying into the idea of a miracle in a jar- it doesn’t exist. Instead, start spending your time and money to figure out YOUR skin’s individual needs, and YOUR ideal makeup regimen. It’s going to be different for every person.

The insidiousness of this idea of a magic product of transformation, is that women, instead of embracing, or appreciating what’s beautiful about themselves, instead, become laser focused on some fake, idealized version of what flawlessness is supposed to look like. And they BANK on your striving, but never actually attaining that; so you keep spending. What’s worse, esp with the instagram, snapchat, Youtube obsessed youth is they see nothing BUT “beauty through a filter”, and they believe it! How well do you think your daughter, niece, cousin, friend, feels she measures up? or he, for that matter?

My brand may not be right for everyone. If you don’t like my stuff, you are not my client. Whoa! Notice the period after that sentence. Because that is the truth. Not everyone is going to like, or want Fortunate Face Minerals, and, for many different reasons. That is perfectly fine.  It is also why I sell small foundation samples, and have vendors carry testers, so you can try ( do you love it?, which shade is correct?, etc) it before you spend a lot of money on a full size. IF you don’t love FFM move ON, and find a brand you DO love- I promise you, they are out there, and I have even helped people find another brand they can love. But, just know, for my FFM lovers, I am never going to lie to you. I HATE being lied to, and what’s more, frankly, I don’t have to, I know my brand does what it says, and I won’t claim that it is anything more than makeup, or claim that it performs miraculous wonders. It does it’s job- and yes, it helps you look great! However, you are never going to look 100% flawless, wrinkle-less, poreless, 25 years younger, etc. And stop believing anyone who tells you their product will do that.

But for ALL of you, whether you use my brand or not, start demanding that of your products! Start requiring the truth, and stop rewarding brands with your dollars if they have NOT told you the truth, or their products simply does not work for you. There are MILLIONS of beauty products in the market, in fact the market is Flooded with them, I guarantee there IS something out there that will make you look and feel amazing, you just may have to look behind the curtain to find it.


Sample of the week- Bittersweet- Included in a any full sized order*


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