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Tanning? Grab that Dark Foundation NOW!!!!

So I want to save you all some cash.
Foundation  (and Skincare) are by FAR the two areas where you should not skimp on your makeup. Lipstick, eh, I have $2 lippies I love, $5 lippies I love $20+ and over lippies I love. Yes I have spent waaaay over $20 for a lipstick Have you seen Chanel colors? oh and the packaging alone *swoon makes the owner of a cosmetics company in me drool.NMC1KKD_mx

and Tom Ford Have you SEEN his colors???

Ok yes $50 for a lipstick is , well frankly ridiculous, but Indian Rose is just , just sooooo, Gah SOOOO Pretty- must. not. look!

T0T3_INDIANROSE_OS_A and again with the packaging….
Ok, so see there is BEAUTIFUL makeup at many price points,
but foundation is what we are talking of here, and I am going to tell you, DO. NOT. SKIMP.
Buy the best you can afford that works with your skin, and makes it look amazing.
I am also going to tell you how to save money.
Because if you are buying an amazing foundation, I bet you would really like it to match, and you REALLY want it to continue matching your skin, throughout the year.
So right now IF you tan, even a little, (I am not condoning, our encouraging tanning, but that is a whole other post) And if you are like me, and probably still get some color even through copious amounts of sunscreen then you Absolutely, positively NEED a deeper shade to match your skin, even if it is only 2 shades deeper.  (one shade can typically be dealt with using a good matte bronzer- See my bronzer post :))
So, IF you have changed, especially since by this midsummer, you are probably the darkest your skin will be this year- RUN and buy the right shade of foundation right now! Get several…write it down, whatever you need.  I am assuming you have your lightest shade from winter, if not make  a not to self to buy at your palest. NOW you have all the makings of always having your perfect match.  By consistently swatching your skin, maybe once a week, once every two weeks, prior to your daily makeup, you can easily match yourself by adjusting using just these two shades. You will ALWAYS have the right shade on hand, and not have to run out monthly to buy a new, different shade, or worry that the match isn’t “quite right”. Once again I will suggest you hire an experienced pro if you just cannot match yourself. Find one whose work you admire, and who’s own makeup doesn’t scare you.  It’s worth the investment since you will never have to worry again that the color is wrong!
I know the idea of mixing your own makeup can sound daunting, but because it is only 2 shades, it really is easy.  Think of it like a pie, cut it into fourths, or eighths if needed.
Right now you’re probably using your darkest shade straight, but say you’ve been back from the beach for 2 weeks, working, no sun *sniffle- and that San Tropez bronze is fading, you can adjust by using 1/4 of your lightest shade added to your darker shade. If you use liquid just pour a bit into palm, and add just a tad more  of your lighter shade, and mix. 0912-antiaging-makeup-lgn
Powder involves just shaking a bit into lid, and then doing the same from your other jar. Give it a swirl with your brush to mix. LSP-hero-3
If cream (super easy) just scoop some of each.   mixing-liquid-foundation-makeup-in-bowl-with-spatula-airbrush-makeup-mixed-with-regular
It’s ok to eyeball this, because you can easily adjust as you go.  Give a swatch and lighten or darken as needed. If you go a teeny bit too light, just use a bit of that matte bronzer and remember for the next day. If you get it spot on- Congrats! Mix up a batch and store in a clean, sanitized (alcohol is perfect for this) empty makeup jar and use for the week.
As you fade more and more- you will get to a 50/50 mix, and then 3/4 light 1/4 dark, until you are using your lightest straight up. Again, adjustment may be in smaller increments, use your actual skin color daily as a guide. Just as you have to adjust your skincare regimen based upon the skin you have THAT day, the same goes for your makeup.
It really IS that easy guys. It’s makeup, not surgery and you can always wash it off and start again.
I PROMISE that once you start, and with a bit of practice, you are going to be amazing at this!
and your wallet will thank me!



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