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I just got the package and I LOVE the serum. LOVE IT! It is perfectly balanced. Feels very nourishing and soaks in completely. No tacky or filmy feeling as with so many other serums I have tried. Love all of it. Thank you so much. And Super cute packaging with the takeout container. -Kristen

– Thank you so much for my wonderful makeover. Your line is simple enough for my busy morning and everyone notices the difference. Your make up is almost as awesome as you!!
– Kris

– I was thinking this morning, when I put my makeup on, I haven’t even wanted to shop for another brand of makeup since I started using yours.  For me, this is quite amazing, because I love makeup and have always tried everything in the fashion magazines. Fortunate Face Minerals just applies so smoothly and stays on all day.  Thank you so much for creating such an awesome product.
– Alanna

– The Deep sheer is the BEST powder for dark skin I have ever used. hands down. every powder that claims to not read ashy, always does…but not yours. amazing.
– Ash, Pro Makeup artist

– I got to use some of your product on the last project I worked on. Lets just say its magical.
– Wes, Pro Makeup Artist

– Just wanted to say used the (IntensifEYE) primer on 3 editorials this week. I’m freaking in LOVE. It is so amazing!!!!  I will forever stock that in my kit from now on. So awesome.
– Briana Danielle Chapman,pro makeup artist with Agency Gerard

I absolutely love love love love love and love your cover up and concealer because wouldn’t you know it – nothing has worked as well for me and kept my skin from breaking out like your makeup does!!  Stephanie