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The EXACT right color: My Obsession

So I was watching a throwback movie with my family this past weekend.

“Romancing the Stone” starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.  Funny movie, released in 1984, if you are like me, you saw the original. (read: old)  If your too young to remember this movie rent it,

trust me.

Anyway, my point. i was fascinated with Joan Wilder’s (Kathleen Turner), complexion. It was dewey and her softly flushed pink cheek just mesmerized me. Especially the plane scene- where you get to see real closeups.


I sort of couldn’t concentrate on anything else. ( This, by  the way, is how I KNOW I am a makeup artist)


It had a gentle, diffuse pink sheen, it looked fantastically natural, and just so so pretty.

So, naturally I had to find a way to recreate E Thomas Case’s (the key makeup artist on the film) amazing glorious pink flushed cheek.

And the first color that came to mind was my FFM shade First Crush.

Fisrt Crush

It’s actually a bit brighter than you’re seeing here in this picture, but it IS going to provide the right effect. In order to mimic the look exactly. I used First crush First (and I chose to mix in into our uncolored cream base first) I tapped it into the skin on cheekbones and continued tapping to diffuse it outward. I put on a bit extra than normal, to make it brighter than I would wear it straight. Then after I had the blending I wanted I used my Dark5 in powder form and blended out the foundation to achieve full coverage (about 2 light coats) I then took uncolored cream base and used straight and tapped small amounts over cheekbones and again diffusing out over entire cheek area. You can certainly use the foundation in cream forma s well just by mixing, or use all in powder form- your choice. But I REALLY wanted that light dewiness, and full cream on me goes too oily.

I was THRILLED with this! It worked EXACTLY how I wanted- and now I want YOU to have the same! So commenting on this post will automatically enter you to win a First Crush blush of your own! Sharing on FB, Twitter,  and Instagram will get you an extra entry each! (provide the links to your shares here in your comment)  Winner will be chosen next Wednesday so comment and share away!

3 Responses to The EXACT right color: My Obsession

  1. Mary Curran July 31, 2014 at 3:45 pm #

    Karrie, First Crush Blush is beautiful!

    • Nicole August 11, 2014 at 8:15 pm #

      I love first crush! Actually just ran out recently so fingers crossed I win this one!

      • Karrie Welch August 11, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

        Oh Nicole Someone won on Friday already! 🙁

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