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The Newest Beauty Trend?


Golden Luster Highlighter

Golden Luster Highlighter

Strobing! SO  what the heck is this newest beauty trend, and really why should you even care?

Well if you hate makeup- then you don’t and really, why are you here exactly? feel free to click away.

BUT if you’re like us, and you love makeup- and Strobing is something your just NEED to DO NOW!  Then yay- welcome!

I am sure you have all heard of contouring. I mean seriously, unless you’re under a rock, like SERIOUSLY.

Anyway- Contouring  and highlighting has kind of run a little rampant, and frankly, is more overdone than well done, in my professional opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its place, and I have used it professionally and personally.

(personally on the very tip of the sides of my nose since college)

but it should be subtle and pretty much unnoticeable to be effective. Even in our pro shots if you SEE the contour in the pic, or film- it’s too much.

But Strobing, strobing is the use of shimmer highlight-to create a glow, an almost iridescent gleam, to the skin. It can be cream or powder products and can really highlight the skin beautifully. I also like that by nature it is more subtle- which ALL of these things should be in real life.

Now- none of these makeup techniques are new, at least not to us pros, and that includes Strobing. I REALLY hope that people don’t go waaaaay overboard with this trend too- so that they really just end up looking like alien glitter disco balls.


So, let’s not do this!

Only time will tell on this one.

BUT, I can tell you that there are great products ( including the FFM Lusters) that can help you achieve the beautiful strobing look. Here’s a sample published pic, from a recent shoot I did with an amazing team, and actually features strobing ( honestly, before I knew strobing was a “thing”- told ya it is not new)


Ellements Magazine Photographer- Harris Davey, Model Larosey Moore, h/mu- Karrie Welch for Fortunate Face Minerals

ok and now some great products that you can use to achieve this look! Any of our Lusters- Golden, Bare, Pinky, or Copper.  I also really love them mixed into our Cream Base and tapped onto skin (the Strobing technique I used in the above photo- you get both dewy skin AND the gleaming highlight- win win!)

Some other great products found at Sephora or Ulta are; Kevin Aucoin the Celestial Powder, Too Faced Candlelight PowderBenefit High Beam,  Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, and these are just a few!

For subtle, but effective Strobing, place your chosen product strategically on the high points of the face- avoid any area you DON’T want to call attention too (ie if you have a very large forehead, and wish to minimize it, avoid that area.) this is great on cheekbones, upper lip, collarbones, ball of shoulder, temples, tip of chin. Then use a soft brush and gently blend out the edges, creating a diffuse highlight. You don’t want to see where the highlight starts or ends, but rather simply the soft sheen left behind. I would LOVE to hear if you try this, and If you take pics i think you should post them to our Fortunate Face Minerals FB page Let us know which highlight product you used as well (we love them all- so any brand is fine!)

as always we give away free samples with every full sized order- and this week it’s one of our Lusters! yay! Strobing for everyone!

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