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What sets Fortunate Face Minerals apart from other brands?

Our FAQ series continues! This one is ALL about Fortunate Face Minerals.

Liane 2 small

Liane is our cover model, wearing all Fortunate Face Minerals. We chose to use FFM foundation ( Warm 3) in Cream Base. Prep Step was lightly tapped (in powder form) over the cream foundation under eye to set AND correct redness simultaneously. Poppy was mixed into a cream blush, and set with more powdered blush for greater wear and “blushed from within” finish. Golden Luster was lightly dusted just on lid, and also mixed into cream base and tapped onto high points of face to add a lustrous Sheen to skin. Bittersweet was lightly brushed into brows, and lips are a mix of cream base and more poppy to create a sheer glaze of color.


What sets Fortunate Face Minerals’ makeup apart from the countless others on the market?

This is a GREAT question- and our answer is going to tell you why we believe you should make Fortunate Face Minerals your choice in makeup.

Medium Warm

Fortunate Face Minerals Foundation in Warm 3


A lot of mineral makeup ingredients labels read the same- so it seems as if whatever is inside that jar is going to work the same- right?

Well, no- not at all, actually. What truly makes a huge difference, much more than most people realize, is the percentages of each and every ingredient. That, and the pigmentation, are critical for excellent quality and flawless end result. The jar with the same ingredients can end up a poor skin tone matching, dry, draggy, dusty-powdery mess. Now, that is NOT to say there aren’t other great mineral lines out there, We are sure there are, and we have certainly Not tried them all. Here we are speaking specifically to our products, and referencing other that we have personally tried.

We discussed the properties and balance of ingredients in our previous post, which you can see here 

The level of pigmentation AND the accuracy of them matching actual skin tones is also vital- you can’t simply guess what works. Foundation’s Job, it’s ONLY job, is to even out your skin tone- it cannot do that if it cannot match your skin.

But, what really sets our product apart is HOW they look feel and HOW you can use them.

First, the LOOK-  They look like glowing skin- period- the colors and pigmentation are true to skin tone because our creator is a professional makeup artist who can, and does work on global skin tones. You can see that in her pro makeup artist website here, and YES pretty much everyone is wearing Fortunate Face Minerals! Karrie created them to work in flash photography and film (again, percentages MATTER in that result, as well as avoiding certain ingredients!)

Second, they FEEL amazing going on, they feel like you are wearing nothing, AND they last until you take them off- all while offering great coverage!

Yes- THIS!

Karrie has used several other brand of mineral makeup (yes, Those brands) and between weird, kind of sparkly finishes, and really no apparent coverage. (meaning it did NOT even  skin tone, which as mentioned, is actually Foundation’s JOB) She has been less than enthused, and knew that was not going to be acceptable in her own products.

So yes, Fortunate Face Mineral’s  products offer actual coverage, medium to full, and small amounts go a very long way. If you have pretty good skin and don’t need much coverage- simply use a very small amount, work well into your brush and swirl over- voila’ done. If you need a tad more coverage  use a bit more on brush, swirl, and then apply a light, second coat- done! Full, amazing coverage. OUR foundation feels silky and smooth going on, not dry or powdery.

BUT- this brings us to our last point- you can customize our products to suit your skin’s needs. And often, this changes daily. Our creator started as a science major in college- and she has taken that knowledge and experience and used all of that education ( including massive amounts of chem and bio lab hours) to create a product that does exactly what she wants and needs- and what YOU want and need! Makeup that works, that DOES what it says, and lasts until you take it off.

But that is not all!- (ok, I just totally heard that oxi-clean dude in my head as I typed that)

You get to decide what your skin needs, and can use the makeup accordingly. Ok, what do we mean by that?  Well, say your skin is a bit dryer, maybe you want to use a damp brush or sponge to apply your minerals. well ok- go right ahead. Or swirling on is the method you prefer- BUT you want that more dewy finish, or just to help set the makeup into your skin? Great use a damp, warm washcloth and “steam”: the makeup into your skin, or simply mist with water, Like Evian, or your favorite setting spray- like Our Green Tea & Aloe Hydrating &  Setting Mist. Perhaps it’s a moisture your skin is lacking? Great, mix our powders into your favorite creamy moisturizer- voila’ tinted moisturizer. Love cream makeup? No problem our Uncolored Cream Base gives you that option as well- for ANY of our products- just set with one of our Sheers, OR for even better coverage, set with more of itself.


Layering is a makeup artists secret- and typically layering powders over cream is the rule of thumb. Creams over powders often result in a muddy mess- but Not with FFM. Our Cream Base has been developed to mix with ANY of our powder bases- so go right ahead and use cream based cheek color right over your powdered foundation, no problem! Or, maybe you applied that powder but just want to add a hint of dewy, creamy glow? Or, maybe your Prep Step went a tad dry under your eyes? Next time, perhaps you’d rather use it in cream form OR just tap a tiny amount of the cream base over any spot you wish to “melt” the makeup into skin- instant creamy skin finish! We LITERALLY mean you can use Fortunate Face Minerals HOWEVER you want!

Prep Step 2

Yes we even blend( high-speed blending) the FFM powder into our Green Tea & Aloe Spray and Airbrush it on- yeah, you heard me.

And THAT is what makes Fortunate Face Minerals different from any other mineral makeup out there. We intentionally made it so that YOU can make it do whatever your skin needs. Mix, match, layer, however you want, and whatever your skin needs. Wear it all day- yes it is absolutely sweat and water-resistant. Work out in it, heck swim in it. Just pat, don’t rub, dry and you’re good to go! ( no hot flash melting makeup running down your face ladies!)  Choose the method that is right for your skin, and FINALLY have makeup that does what it says, and frankly, don’t we deserve that?

Now,  because this post was pretty much a plug for Fortunate Face Minerals, and not the generally helpful post we have been trying to provide, we think you deserve a little reward for getting through all that gratuitous promoting. So, because we want you to try FFM ( we KNOW you’ll love it if you do!) we have a coupon code for you good until 4/14/15 for 10% off your total order at Fortunate Face Minerals! Use blog10 at checkout! and, as always, we offer a fee sample with every full sized order, this week it’s Prep Step our redness corrector/concealer.





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3 Responses to What sets Fortunate Face Minerals apart from other brands?

  1. Angela April 7, 2015 at 11:42 pm #

    I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer, but I may change my mind after seeing the model in the blog. She has such flawless and healthy looking skin. Very informative post, I really never thought much about what goes into makeup.

  2. Nicole April 8, 2015 at 4:12 am #

    The makeup on the model is gorgeous! Glowing, flawless healthy skin – what more could a gal want? You may have sold me. 🙂

  3. Michelle April 10, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    I am definitely going to check your products out. I have such an issue with caking under my eyes and think your products might be the answer.

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