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Why not have a Mulitple?

Mind out of the gutter people.

ok I set that one up didn’t I? For Shame.

Anyway I DO still want you to have a multiple experience; Multiple use for your cosmetics!

One thing many non pros don’t always understand is that many, many products can be used in A LOT of different ways, Lipsticks as blush, Cheek powders as shadow. With a few exceptions for safety (which I will explain)  Do not be afraid to PLAY, it’s only makeup after all, and like the other Um, multiple, this should be fun!


On set,  artists will use whatever gets the job done. If we need illuminated cheekbones, why can’t that shimmery bone colored shadow do the job? Or maybe a tad bit of creamy moisturizer patted on the cheek? Love that gorgeous peachy pink blush, yep it probably WILL make an amazing wash of eye color. Wait, eye shadow as blush, or patted onto lip with a slick of clear gloss. And HOLD THE PHONE? Mixed into clear nail polish????


I give you full permission!!! DO it, Do It NOW!

oh, OH, OHHHHHH……………the possibilities!

lol see what I did there?

Ok, SO exceptions to every rule right? and there are a few. Well, really just consider this your responsible, um, protection…

Not every product is intended for use everywhere and there are a few safety precautions of which to be aware.  In U.S. Ultramarines  are deemed not lip safe. (Not true for our UK Makeup mavens)  They typically are blue based products (who cares that much about blue lips) BUT there are also some pretty purples and pinks too, so just read your label. This is especially important if you are allergic to Sulphur (medications like Bactrim) so avoid it on lips. But blush and eyes ok!

Chromium Oxide and Hydrated Chromium oxides also not lip safe, (green and Aqua in color) so again, not a hug loss as lip colors.

Lastly, and one I find very important, is Red dye #33. Which, according to the FDA is a known eye carcinogen. (nice huh?) It is approved as safe for lips and cheeks but not in eye products,  so If you have any shade with that on the label, choose one without if you want to put it on your eyes.

Naturally, anything you react to is something to avoid, and the skin around eyes is thinner than on cheeks and lips.  Many reds and purples can stain the skin, which in some cases people prefer, and there can be sensitivities to other red/purple dyes. So practice caution and a bit of common sense. Patch tests can be a great idea if you are at all uncertain.

More than anything just have fun playing and experimenting,  multiples of makeup (and the other kind) should always give you a thrill ! 😉



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