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Will Mineral Makeup Work for My Skin Type?

Fortunate Face Mineral Makeup

Fortunate Face Minerals

From our FAQ  Series.

Will mineral makeup work for my skin type is a fairly common question, and a pretty understandable one as well.
Obviously if you are going to spend money on a product, you’d like a little assurance that what you’re buying is suitable for your needs.
Well there is the short, and the long answer. We will try to keep it brief, but we do want to be thorough.
The broad answer is yes. Most mineral makeup works well with many types of skin, simply because it usually skips all the normally recognized irritants. Also because there tends to be a lot less ingredients as well.
Now the longer answer, not every brand of mineral makeup is great for every person. So you may have to test a few out to see which one your skin loves best. Often you will see a lot of mineral brands ingredients labels read the same, or pretty close. What the labels don’t show you however is percentages. Yes we all know the descending order, but percentages of EACH ingredient, and how they are blended together DO make a huge difference in how the product looks, feels, and acts. There are also different manufacturers of the different ingredients and even different places in the world where these minerals are mined. Then how it is handled in the lab will also determine how it acts or reacts in makeup. (yes ALL minerals are created in a lab. It’s the only way to ensure absolute purity and no heavy metal or toxic contamination.) All of these ABSOLUTLEY affect the final product, which, in turn, can certainly affect how it works for you.

Ideally great mineral makeup (any makeup actually, not just mineral makeup) has a balance of  qualities that need to happen.
Adhesion is important, this means the makeup actually sticks to your skin when applied. Ingredients that increase adhesion can sometimes lead to a too opaque finished product and often cause drag, which is that dry dragging feeling across the skin. Many can be drying, and things like the mineral pigments themselves, that are the main colorants especially in foundations can be very drying.
Therefore Slip, or the ability of the product to glide over the skin because necessary, and balancing slip and adhesion is a fun game.
Opacity is another characteristic (mentioned above), which is how sheer, or full coverage, a product is. Many ingredients can do double, and even triple duty, ie. ingredients that provide adhesion, often provide opacity, but as we mentioned can cause drag, and also a chalky look if the percentage is too high and not countered with slip agents and good pigmentation. Oxides, a main ingredient in most mineral makeup, can do triple duty; offering adhesion, coverage, and pigmentation, but cause drag, and chalky texture.
Also, opacity differs, or should, across product range. For a full coverage foundation obviously opacity needs to increase, but products like blush, in our owner’s professional makeup artist opinion, should be more sheer, so natural skin tone is allowed to glow through.
Sheen is another characteristic to consider. Do you want matte, dewy, shimmery, etc. especially in foundation this is a big consideration. We offer a silk matte, which we feel offers  great coverage, with no shimmer, but still gives a glow of healthy, natural skin. Some mineral brand  are now offering  cream and liquid forms as well, which can appeal to the drier skinned people since powdered minerals can often leave dry skin feeling MORE dry, or at least needing to be set to add a better skin finish. Ingredients such as Bismuth Oxychloride and Boron Nitride on the label are going to add a shimmer to the foundation ( we don’t use either in any of our products).












The last, and most important in knowing if it’s right for you, is your preference. You simply may not love mineral makeup, and that is ok. Maybe you just want a great liquid because that’s what you enjoy working with, maybe your skin just needs a cream to feel and look amazing! Ok! (It IS why we created ours to be mixed with our cream base, or moisturizer, or set or mixed with our hydrating spray) because not one type suits everyone’s skin needs or preference). Maybe you fell in love with a brand and have been using it for 15 years- Why switch if you love it? Some people WANT to switch for different reasons and that’s fine too, in that case Honestly, the best way to know what you love is to try it. Purchase samples first, whenever you can, to match both Shade (so important) but also the sheen to see HOW you like it’s texture and appearance on your skin. How do you feel working with this type of product daily. Does your skin look and feel better than what you would otherwise do. All of these can truly help you make an informed decision. At the end of the day not everyone is going to love mineral products, and not everyone will love OUR company’s mineral products, and that is ok- We just want you to love what you DO use, and how it makes you look and feel!

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