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Wish you were Stunning?

I am sooo happy! My distributor was sold out of my very favorite colorant for one of my very favorite eye shadows- It was discontinued by the manufacturer! *CRY* She just found a bit of this AMAZING mica & guess who just snapped up a whole Pound! So I am happy to announce that Stunning– a color so named because it truly IS STUNNING, will no longer be a limited edition, get it while you can, color, but rather a “BUY IT CAUSE IT”S AMAZING” color!


Such and amazing color shifting shadow!

I had less than an ounce left, and was seriously considering bogarting the rest for myself, and NOT sharing with all of you (yes, I truly love it that much!)
How to get “Stunning”: This color is a color-shifting shadow- it is a soft shimmery tan/brown with green-turquoise undertones. It can be worn alone over the whole lid & up onto the brow bone- it will look subtle and amazing -as the light hits the lid from different angles the color shift will draw attention to the eyes, but remain subtle enough for a day at the office, or a minimal makeup look.
However, to rock this color’s ultimate potential- line eyes light or heavy with a rich black liner- either a waxy pencil liner Nars Black Moon or a dampened powdered liner (I use my Blackest & a damp angled liner brush). Layer the Stunning directly over this & up onto brow bone. The black absorbs the brown & you are left with this glorious green-turquoise that makes the eye POP! and the remaining tan acts as it’s own coordinating contour color at the same time!

eyeliner pencil

Nars Black Moon Eyeliner pencil

For even deeper drama- re-line w/ black a damp brush- & go over w/ more Stunning- ups the Intensity! You can also sweep some dampened black into the crease &go over w/ Stunning to further sculpt the eye- can you say OMG!

Closeup of Stunning! Even this doesn't do it justice!

Closeup of Stunning! Even this doesn’t do it justice!

Needless to say- Stunning will be the sample of the week here at Fortunate Face Minerals -included in any full size order!

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