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Your Style, Your Way!

There are a lot of blogs, (including this one) that offer a lot of makeup advice- saying do this, this way, or don’t do this because, xyz. Mostly because people who are not trained makeup artists, do need, and moreover, WANT some guidance.
I don’t expect you to know what I KNOW.  Just like you nurses (hi bestie!), or vet techs, or you guys that I spend a lot of time with on the phone at Apple Support….’sup boys.
You’ve all been trained to do your jobs, and what’s more, you’ve probably received training specific to certain aspects of your job. Well I am no different.
From learning color theory, to facial structure, to lighting- yeah lighting. And that is just as a makeup artist, never mind what I’ve needed to learn to formulate makeup (can you say, FDA regulations?)
Anyway there is a lot of training, a lot of do’s and don’t, a lot of specifics to what we do there is way less generic makeup advice out that than you think- as no two faces or situations are the same..
BUT- there is one thing that I want all of you to hear, to understand, and more importantly, to practice.
And that is personal style.
Your taste should be the primary influencer of the choices you make in your personal appearance. As I tell ladies all the time, “makeup is subjective.” I am never going to put something on you that doesn’t look good, I am very skilled at my job, and do have confidence in what I do,
that doesn’t mean your going to like what I’ve done. And that comes down solely to taste.
What colors do you like? if I put a brown on you and you HATE brown, well, you’re really not going to be as excited as if I had used a pretty copper gold are you? and I bet that copper or gold looks just as amazing!

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When you are looking at makeup, try first looking to the colors you naturally gravitate to. Odds are those are going to be colors that you love. Yes, take into account the “rule” that blue eyes will pop more with a complimentary color rather than blue, but Does that mean copper is you only choice? By no means! Maybe a purple or a gold, or even some olive shades would look amazing with your hair, & eye color, and skin tone. Chances are if it looks great on your as a shirt, or dress, it’s going to look equally lovely on your eyes!
This goes for blush, and lipstick as well, Maybe pink isn’t your thing, and a beautiful peach shade is more to your taste, that’s just fine! Maybe a pinky-peach shade is what you need to warm your skin without looking too sallow!

Lastly don’t be afraid to try new things! if you love a color- why not give it a try- you may fall in love! And if you hate it, well it’s only makeup, and that ish washes right off!

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