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You’re really not that bright.

Wow, what made me such a b*#@h today?
That is probably what you’re thinking right about now
But wait!
ok- I don’t really mean it THAT way.
Truly, you can put the pitchforks and burning torches down, PUT. THEM. DOWN.
What I mean is, Too many women are using the WRONG shade of blush.
Yeah, that means you too. Don’t believe me? Give me a minute to prove my point.
Most women look at blush/cheek color in the right way, as a means to enhance your natural complexion, add a glow or flush of color to your cheeks, and keep from looking pale or even washed out.
Ok so the Reason is correct, but I can guarantee many of you have the product WRONG!
In order to achieve that glow/flush/color and to make it look natural and vibrant you NEED that color to be bright!
you heard me BRIGHT!
If it says Dusty… whatever – Dusty Rose, Dusty Plum, etc. on the label, you most likely got it all kinds of wrong.
I am NOT saying softer colors are bad, you can use a light pink, just make it a bright, light pink.  A purer shade, rather than a dusty shade that has a grayish undertone.  A tone is any hue (pure color) with grey added. So really look, it can take some training of your eye, to distinguish a toned shade of a color. Let me help with an example. (these are random images I found on the internet)
This is  a bright, medium light pink blush images-10Pretty, and will look great on many complexions. Here is another medium light pink blush, but this one, with a higher grayscale component. 
As you can see, they both look about the same level of “darkness” (which is pigmentation), but I PROMISE you, the first shade will do SO much more for your complexion! And seriously, aren’t you sick of wasting money on products that are just myeh?
And this is particularly important for women of experience our skin is dull enough due to a slow down in our cell turnover, without adding to it by choosing a dull, grayscale blush to boot. It is even MORE important that we choose bright colors like pinks, peaches, reds, even oranges (pink is an all time favorite) especially since those vibrant shades are the shades that appear in youthful skin!
The absolute best blushes I have found have bright, true, colors, good pigmentation (and here is a secret) a slightly sheer quality.
Wait Sheer?
Ok, let me explain. What I mean by this, is that the color, while pigmented, is not completely opaque in coverage. This slight sheerness in the base allows your own skintone to glow through, thus enhancing the idea that this rich color is actually… your skin! (lightbulb moment there, yes?)
Some top brands in my opinion, and ones I am sure my fellow pros can agree upon, are Nars, (such great colors!), Laura Gellar, Bobbi Brown, Illamasqua ( All these can be found at Sephora though there is a rumor that Illamasqa may not be any longer so you can also try Bloomingdales)  There are MANY more, and don’t be afraid to give those bright shades a try, after all who doesn’t want to be brighter?

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